Fallout: New Vegas DLC – Lonesome Road

So I decided to re-install Fallout: New Vegas. My god, I actually got a lot further than I did this time in New Vegas. I am rather amazed actually. Normally by the time, I get to a certain point I lose all interest in the game. So this time, I done things differently. I actually didn’t finish the main game yet. Don’t intend to anytime soon yet. I think what bothered me the most about the game was how you couldn’t keep playing it despite having DLCs like Fallout 3, if you had the Brotherhood of Steel DLC that lets you keep playing.

Edit (24/1/2017): the featured image for this post is from Wallpprs

Moving on. So I did the Lonesome Road DLC, the final DLC for Fallout: New Vegas first out of all the other DLCs. I think it was because I was closer to the starting point of the DLC at the time. Little did I know that by the time I finished this DLC, I would be depressed. My heart has yet to recover from the hole left in it.

In Lonesome Road, it brings the story of the Courier to a full circle and the story of the ‘original’ Courier Six who contacts you. He promises to answer your questions, if only you took one last job.

Not only does it bring the story of your Courier to the end, it sheds light on the original courier who was intended to deliver that platinum chip. The job that forever changed you, but the fate of the Mojave’s wastelands. It adds story to ED-E, your faithful companion in this DLC and the man who created it.

The ED-E you get in this DLC, is not the same ED-E you meet in Primm. This ED-E has so much personality, I love him. I want to keep him with me forever. Not to mention the conversations you can have with it is pure gold at times. He is vital to your journey on Lonesome Road as he is needed to unlock various consoles and to the story itself. It can also interact with commissary terminals, allowing you to repair gear and sell/buy things.

Courier Six returns to the Divide, more badass than ever. Starring: Courier Six and ED-E!

This was one hell of a DLC, I’ll give it that. I still hate the death-claws, and now onto that list are: marked men and tunnelers. Oh god, the tunnelers were the worst. The death-claws apparently became ninjas in my save since two of them fell onto the roof of the truck I was looking in. Jesus, that was the worst. Ninja death-claws. I hate when they get sneaky.

I did enjoy the ton of new weapons and armor. I especially enjoyed the police riot armor that you see my character wearing in the above screenshot. Still trying to decide if I hate or like the sneak sight the helmet gives though. I didn’t really use much of the new weapons other than the riot shotgun and the remote detonator that you were told to find. I stuck to my hunting rifle for the most part. Sniping all the way baby!

This is why I love ED-E during lonesome road so much. This one conversation.

Considering this was meant to be the finale of the courier’s story, I think I missed a lot of the story that would been told in the other DLCs. My bad. I actually did not realize this was the final till I checked. Lonesome Road has a fitting name as you will be struck by the loneliness and desolation of The Divide. You will end up reflecting on your journey that has lead you here, on your quest for answers about your past. The original Courier Six, will reveal a lot of your past and shared history with him. Along with your connection to The Divide.

This is why I love games like this where you can create the story for your character. Finding out answers about the Courier and be left with more questions. It enhances the story so much and I love it.

I think what stuck with me the most, was the quote that the ex-courier asks you during your journey:

 “Who are you, that do not know your history?”

The quote stuck with me throughout the DLC afterwards. It was fascinating to learn more about the walking enigma, that is your Courier. The past you had prior to being shot in the head. Who was the courier in the past? What was s/he like? Did they have a family? Friends?

It was something I had often wondered about. You are a courier, delivering packages and what not all over the Mojave Wasteland and yet no one seems to recognize you. Not even the man in charge of the Mojave Express in Primm, who was technically your boss.

I can’t say that this is my favorite DLC of all time since I haven’t played the other DLCs yet. However, this is one of the best DLCs for any game I have played yet. It was short but the feelings and thoughts it invokes makes up for it. That, along with the new gear and shotgun. I am still depressed about the ending, even if it was the best ending possible for the story. I was not prepared or ready to suffer that loss.


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