Fallout New Vegas DLC – Old World Blues

So, finally getting back into Fallout New Vegas after playing more than a week of L4D2 mutations. Just a quick warning before I get into typing about this dlc…..spoilers will be found in this post.

Deciding to delay other quests from the main quest line (such as confronting Benny) and the other dlcs, mainly because I do not feel like doing them yet (also, I want to delay doing Dead Money).  Besides, I really wanted the stealth suit and create Roxie the cyber-dog in this dlc.

The introduction for the dlc was a little long for me, but then again its just me since I am usually impatient  I eventually ended up paying attention to the intro so I could get the back-story and understand what was going on. Also, considering I didn’t play this in the correct order technically. Actually, I am not sure if there is a correct order to which dlcs you should play. I only know that Lonesome Road is meant to be played last in general maybe? Since Old World Blues mentions to Ulysses, providing some more information and he also makes mentions of talking to the think tank when you meet him. It also makes a reference to at least 2 characters you will eventually meet in another dlc.

This fallout confession rings very true for me

You also encounter new enemies. I still can’t decide what scared me more in the dlc; the y-17 trauma over-ride harness or the lobomites. The robo-scorpions were neat as well. I had fun collecting the new weapons as well, I am still amused by the cyberdog gun.

The new npcs you meet all of whom are robots are rather interesting. Dr. Klein was too overly dramatic for me to the point I found him rather annoying. All the other robots of the think tank were pretty cool though. Finding all the AI’s for the Sink was a lot more longer than I thought but in the end, I ended up enjoying it. The light switches are by far the most amusing for me.

I think the ‘Big MT’ was extremely fun to explore. I explored all of the locations and made sure to explore each facility. I didn’t mind backtracking for the quests. So much fun. I think was the real clincher was being able to talk to your own actual brain. I mean seriously, how often do you get to talk to your own actual brain in its all glorious smart sarcastic glory? I laughed out loud when I saw the option you could flirt with your own brain, and your brain’s horrified reaction to that.

Famous last words

Even Higgs village was interesting to explore. I had a wave of nostalgia when I saw how similar it looked to tranquility lane. Man, I really wanna play Fallout 3 now. Or maybe do a new game on New Vegas (or two) for independent Vegas or join the Legion. Decisions. I guess replaying wouldn’t hurt if I can change my play-style. Once I get around to finish my current game of course.

I really enjoyed the ending credits. The toaster’s ending slide made me laugh. Especially what he says in the end to the others in the Sink. Great DLC, had great fun playing it. Especially knowing that the think tank is now under my control.


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