Fallout New Vegas Mod – Area 51, Project Roswell

So it had been a while since I did any quest mods for Fallout: New Vegas. Decided it was time to check some out. Area 51: Project Roswell was something that caught my mind since I instantly thought of aliens and the quest description got me curious.

The mod is rather linear and the enemies aren’t that hard to kill. Then again, I did this quest mod with a very high leveled courier (lvl 49). This mod also made me realize how much fun throwing weapons were. I personally never used any of the throwing weapons till this mod. I picked up couple of throwing hatchets from a dead Rider Raider. According to Kaz, the reason why I found throwing hatchets at raiders and ghouls so much was because I am sadistic. Hm, that might be potentially true. Still entertaining for me though. It was also very useful, considering many of the tunnels had gas which ignited when I shot my gun….and causing myself to unintentionally get caught in the fiery blast of doom.

sideview of UFO, shame you can’t ride in it or anything

I was so excited when I saw the UFO floating in one of the hangars. Then at the end of the mod, I got rather disappointed. You cannot interact with the UFO at all. I was hoping that at some point you could interact with it. Shame you couldn’t, it would have been really wicked.

Also when you reach level 4 of the research facility itself, you are going to need cat-eye or something that gives you night-vision. Level 4 of the research facility is extremely dark and I ended up using about 5 cat-eyes since I didn’t want to use my pip-boy light so I could see properly.

The story behind the Area 51 was pretty neat. I felt really sad for the secretary of General whatever-his-name was. As she died a rather painful slow death. Well, many either became ghouls or died tragic deaths.

does this remind anyone of silent hill or is it just me?

I must say, this mod did unnerve me a few times. Especially with the amount of skeletons, blood and ghouls all over the place. Even the lighting of the mod spooked me. Especially when I entered the reactor for level 4 of the research facility, which oddly enough looked a lot like vault 22 in terms of its layout.

It wasn’t really that bad. I did enjoy learning the back-story (however limited it was) and the general play-through of the mod. Was a little disappointed when in the end, all you could do was loot the heck out of the research area. However, the loot was pretty neat and reminded me of Mothership Zeta from Fallout 3 (even though, personally I really hated that dlc).


It did get a little boring at times, mostly because the layout was rather repetitive. However, the blast doors and that circular door was awesome. The tunnels were cool, but it eventually felt repetitive later on.


Overall, pretty good. Becomes repetitive later on and the quest isn’t very hard since it’s linear. The loot is pretty decent. Some back-tracking is required in this mod but not a whole lot. I had fun but was a little disappointed in the end.


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