L4D2 Custom Campaign: Redemption II (beta)

Hello all! Been a while since I did reviews for L4D2, ain’t it? Finally finished this campaign about twenty minutes ago. We didn’t finish this right away since there was lag issues between the 3 of us. Just finished this with another gamer friend with minor lag issues on my part. Then again, my ping isn’t the best while in Thailand. Some days its better, some days its just plain terrible. Like today, where it was over 400+

If you are familiar with the official sacrifice comic, then this campaign takes place in between the events of Blood Harvest and prior to the Sacrifice.


  • great into cut-scene (see con)
  • challenging
  • very scenic in some areas
  • set in the military complex
  • voice acting for the military P.A system and intro (see con)
  • custom skin for the charger & custom melee weapons such as zombie arm and leg was hilarious and awesome
  • fits in well with the story-line prior to the sacrifice campaign
  • good ending – adding the credits behind the rescue train was a nice touch
  • good placement of supplies
  • variation of terrain was great
screenshot of the intro


  • intro is rather long – it becomes tedious when you watched it several times – Perhaps an option to skip intro would be nice
  • the voice acting while nice touch, was nearly impossible to hear what was said – adding subtitles would be a good idea
  • water textures are missing – water was mostly purple (see screenshot below)
  • Bots kept charging off on their own – this is odd for me and seems to only happen in this campaign, where they will use melee weapons on their own before charging off 
water not textured apparently

For a beta, it was a pretty well done map. There were a few glitches here and there. The water needs to be textured. The bots A.I could use a little tweaking where they take health kits and wait for the survivors to leave the safe-room  rather than just charging off as soon they deem themselves ready. The maps were well-made with their little traps and such. The fake safe-room in the finale was fantastic. It is not very hard for advanced players, but even they may experience difficulties during certain crescendo events. Overall, it was fun and well-made campaign for a beta. Cannot wait to see the final product.

Find this custom campaign right here


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