L4D2 Custom Map: No Parking (CURSE YOU WHITAKER!)

Custom map today. Wasn’t really intending to do a custom map today. I was expecting to do the usual mutation or campaign game tonight. However, Kaz wanted to do a custom so after discussing with another gamer…we settled on No Parking.


  • interesting concept for a boss encounter
  • Whitaker as a boss
  • armored van with different points you need to shoot off
  • interaction with the environment – e.g melee weapon for the gas valves
  • Decent length
  • Kaz experiences a rather painful (yet hilarious) death
  • able to loot some corpses for supplies


  • extremely not bot friendly
  • not clear what to do at times (only reason we knew what to do was because another gamer had played this map before)
  • unsure what to think of the finale – you end up running to the same elevator that you started out in, not sure what to think of that

It was a decent map. The whole concept was fun yet it could done some things better. Like making sure the bots didn’t just teleport out of the elevator doors and maybe make it more bot friendly. Also, there was an issue that if a player got caught by the van, they were pushed around till they died (like Kaz).  I liked how you encounter Whitaker and proceed having to fight him in stages to bring about his defeat.

The ending scene was a little confusing to me so they had to explain what actually happens to Whitaker (I was a little slow), but it was still good. I think what bothered me the most about this entire map was the elevator. It just didn’t seem logical to me that they explore this entire floor of the parking lot, then go back in the lift. So other than that, I had fun playing this and laughing at Kaz’s death of course.


Link: http://www.l4dmaps.com/details.php?file=10053


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