L4D2 Custom Map: Wormwood (I hate space jockeys)

So first off, this is actually third in a series of custom maps known as the Space Jockeys saga. I haven’t played the first two, so I am unsure of the progression of the story and such.


  • UFO
  • interesting boss battles
  • jockies in UFOs
  • unique and interesting level format
  • great secret room involving gnome chompski
  • interesting use of Aztec/Mayan temple and objects



  • bit lengthy
  • bots don’t do well in this map – recommended to play this with 4 players
  • glitch during one of the ‘payload’ esque tasks
  • bit unclear what to do at times
  • the movable walls look too similar to the surround wall, even though up close you can see the difference
kaz unexpectedly falls while I chide claire for taking all the credit

Relatively short map, but that can change depending on the difficulty that you are playing this on. I did like the various tasks you had to do to receive the pieces of the disc. Using the gnome to unlock the hidden room was great although it was quite a task. It was well worth it though. Claire knew what to do in this custom map which is why we did it with relative ease.

Did like how they used Aztec like themes, can’t tell if its Aztec or Mayan. The bosses were really interesting to fight with, also unique. Interesting concept. Wish we could had played this saga properly but such is life. You can find the link to this custom map here

well f-

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