L4D2 Custom Map: Mob Stadium 2012

So after doing the 3rd part of the Space Jockeys saga/series, we decided to see if we can finish the rest of the saga. This is the first map of the saga.


  • variation of events
  • unique closet location and door for closet
  • interesting boss fight(s)
  • UFO rescue
  • usual arena
  • visuals were nice touch – seems Aztec/Mayan esque arena/temples is the theme of the saga


  • there was no clear direction of what to do – figured out what to do with dumb luck
  • no custom screen or intro – it would have been nice
  • grand finale was a bit hard to get through
  • the horde events caused us to experience lag/fps issues
  • boss fights were too long – due to 2 mini bosses followed by the main boss which was accompanied by never-ending hordes

We had fun once we figured out what to do. We just had issues with lagging when the hordes came and the grand finale was a lot harder than we expected, mostly due to the lag from all the hordes spawning constantly. Nice visuals though and the idea/concept was really interesting. Just should give clearer direction what we were supposed to do. Other than that, it was pretty fun. Wish the maker slowed down his credits sequence so I could see what the poem (I assume it is a poem) said properly, also the credits seemed to be fake, or unable to calculate our stats. A shame but some customs seem to have this issue.

You can find this map right here


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