L4D2 Survival Map: Helms Deep Reborn


The second custom survival map that I ever played. I played a couple of the games survival maps. I have to admit though, I been looking for an excuse to play this survival map out. I love LOTR so I was excited to play this. I think it has a bit of a story to go with it. All these images are not mine. They are from L4dmaps.com


  • LOTR theme
  • Gandalf comes to the rescue – if you survive long enough
  • lots of weapons to choose from
  • custom sword and shield
  • supplies well-placed throughout the map
  • assistance from original survivors
  • hard but not impossible


  • bots are useless
  • no music to go with the epic feel
  • no dual pistols for those whom love pistols, only magnum pistols – more focus on melee weapons
  • hard for those who are inexperienced teams

I think this survival map was badass since you have Gandalf come to your rescue. Sadly, I didn’t survive long enough to see Gandalf. It was nice to have Legolas there though, but personally I would have preferred Gimli or Aragon. Legolas was kind of creepy since he just stood there then teleported to where survivors were meant to go next when the defenses fell, as he disappears once enough progress is made for the survivors to progress. No lag issues when played on the local server which was pretty amazing, considering I have terrible ping while here in Thailand, and suffer occasional lag issues. Recommended to play this with friends as it is more fun, bots don’t seem to do too well in this survival map.

Ton of fun though. LOTR fans or those who seek a challenging survival map should give this a go. You can find this survival map right here


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