L4D2 Custom Map: Silent Fear

Okay first of all. I actually didn’t want to do this map. Especially after hearing how the boss was hard to defeat, how scary the map was and all that. However, we ended up doing this map cause they insisted upon it. Things I do for them.



  • silent hill atmosphere
  • usage of hidden glyphs
  • various horror encounters – various between each play-through
  • custom graffiti was entertaining to read
  • custom audio
  • intro was creepy which was perfect for the map
  • boss fight was entertaining
distorted reality


  • ambiguous/wtf ending
  • boss is extremely easy to kill on easy – on advanced however…is a completely different story
  • glyphs can be hard to find – the location of the glyphs change in each play-through
  • requires 4 human players as bot nav seems to be horrible in this map
  • random drop off where the map ends, unless it was intentional since it does suit the map *see above screenshot*
  • map can become frustrating, as well boring without friends
what have I got myself into…

This map had good layout and design. It implemented good jump-scares and the overall, horror theme was rather well done. I was rather unnerved by all the creepy tentacles and blood, especially in one building in particular if it gets the distorted reality version. Seeing dead bodies above you and bloody walls is not pleasant. The boss fight was interesting to say the least, it could been harder but we were playing on easy difficulty, mostly for Claire’s sake since she didn’t want to suffer the boss fight again (she played it on advanced previously with only her and another human player). The ending was certainly ambiguous and made me go: wtf? quite literally. Since it ends with us in a safe-house (or shed) answering a radio. Other than that, good design and overall a great custom map. Silent Hill fans will have a kick out of this map.


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