L4D2 Custom Map: Space Jockeys (where’s the gnome!?)

Sometimes, I wonder if playing the space jockey saga is a good idea. It is hard as heck but at the same time it is so interesting to play. This map however, I was close to rage quitting in the finale. This will be a short review.


  • original unique map
  • set in a UFO/spaceship
  • hidden gnome
  • rooms full of various challenges
  • supplies held in unique cache/case (lack of better term)


  • longest boss fight ever – boss takes forever to kill with constant tanks and hordes, even on easy
  • bots are useless in this map – human players are needed to make this easier
  • no clear direction what to do in the finale – dammit kaz why did you ditch me
  • only a few rooms where it was unclear what to do or avoid

Overall, it was an enjoyable map but the boss fight just took so much of the fun away. Didn’t mind restarting the map several times for various reason. However, the boss fight was just so grueling. It was hard as well to run to where the ladder was to reach the UFO pad/deck but to suddenly have 2 tanks to fight because the UFO wouldn’t take off was just cruel. Even on easy, this map was pretty brutal. Definitely needs a human team to play this as the bots are…little slow per say in this map. They have some difficulty in some areas of the map.

This saga is perfect for those who are looking for a challenge. Find this map right here


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