L4D2 Custom Campaign: Last Baktun (The end has come)

Finally, the end of the saga. Grueling boss maps in this 5 map saga. Glad it is over though, able to move onto other maps and such now. This is actually a custom campaign. It has 3 maps in total.


  • nice introduction
  • space jockeys were jet-packs
  • headception – in a head with another head that reveals another head
  • neat mini-boss battle
  • different tasks on different arenas


  • over-used the giant floating head as a boss
  • multiple arenas
  • constant horde
  • unclear what to do when you have to go to rescue vehicle/space ship

Interesting last 3 maps to end the finale. I must say it was one hell of a finale. It was really well done. Little hard at times but then again, this whole saga was hard to do as it was meant to challenge players on all difficulties. Wish I didn’t end up falling victim to my lagging glitch so I died a horrible death in the end. I shall now go mope in a corner. (mopes)

You can find this campaign right here


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