L4D2 Custom Map: The Return of the Jockeys (Is that a robot or a jockey?)

Finishing the Space Jockey Saga, this is part 4 out of the 5 part saga. I think this won the boss contest that l4dmaps.com had a long time ago.


    • set in space, in a nifty spaceship
    • nice intro with the robot
    • atmosphere is well-done
    • supplies well placed
    • creative while keeping in theme of the whole saga
    • interesting boss battle
space, space, I'm in space, SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE
space, space, I’m in space, SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE


  • bots are not very good in this map
  • tank suddenly spawns shortly after survivors leave – even on easy
  • doors sometimes glitch – when the tank spawn, got stuck between the suddenly closed door and tank
  • spammed constantly by enemies
  • jockey robot thing betrays you in the end – such a shame
  • unclear you were meant to shoot the bot when it does betray you

Like the rest of the Space Jockey saga, it is challenging on all difficulties. The bosses were different in this map which was a nice change. I don’t understand why the bosses for the saga are often giant floating heads. You can find the fourth part to this saga right here


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