L4D2 Custom Campaign: Night Terror 2013 (Is this campaign haunted?)

After finishing the Space Jockeys Saga, we decided it was time to do some custom campaigns. Since we spent the last week doing boss maps. Although, one of the Space jockey maps actually was a campaign since it had 3 maps. I believe it was Last Baktun, that post has been edited to state it is a campaign, not a map that I had classified it as earlier. Be prepared for screenshot overload!


  • custom audio and models for the campaign – well done
  • movie references – such as Evil Dead and LOTR
  • action packed – you aren’t going to get much of a break in this campaign
  • visually impressive with the sheer amount of detail put into the map
  • very unique map that combines the best scenes of the movie into 1 map, and 1 Disney ride into the mix
  • traps were hidden extremely well in the 4th map


  • too many tanks encounters in the LOTR map (Caves of Mordor aka 3rd map) – you encounter them within minutes of each other
  • expect to die a lot – death is inevitable in this map
  • lag issues on local server, lag/fps drop intensifies when horde comes
  • very odd ending – you wake up in an operation room?
  • there is a spot in the finale which makes it easier to camp which survivors can exploit
  • combo of the horde, tanks and witches near the saferoom make it hard to run during the gauntlet/crescendo event – such as in the 3rd map
  • Dead Air credits – lolwut?

All in all, it was a really well done campaign. The custom audio and models were well made. We had to change difficulty of the campaign since it was a challenge even on advanced, and combine that with lag/fps issues it was near impossible to complete at times. Didn’t like the overload of tanks in the Moria map since it also had witches thrown in, when you are fighting against a horde it is a challenge. The atmosphere of the maps were excellent, fitting the mood of the maps seamlessly.

You can find the campaign here


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