L4D2 Custom Campaign: Detour Ahead

MORE CUSTOM CAMPAIGNS! We are on a custom campaign/map marathon! Well, not really but it sure feels like a marathon.


  • nice loading poster and intro
  • challenging
  • multiple paths which allow for exploration
  • linear therefore not too confusing
  • interesting train event
  • finale in-cooperating 2 kinds of events (see con)
  • voice acting for finale (see con)
  • nice moody atmosphere
  • supplies well placed
  • good variation of the safe-houses
very odd position for a dead body
exploring a warehouse


  • not enough tier 1 weapons for all 4 survivors – we had 1 survivor who ended up not having any primary weapon
  • tank spawned way too early, we barely went anywhere when the tank attacked
  • the voice acting was too low for us to understand what was being said
  • the finale was challenging due to constant horde spawns and having to run all the way back – I used a lot of adrenaline shots
  • rather linear paths, could be expanded on it since the campaign is large enough
  • could use more ammo piles
  • sudden death if players fall off the train-tracks and land on the bridge – Kaz and I died when we fell off the bridge only to do die instant death

You can find the campaign here


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