L4D2 Custom Campaign: Goldeneye 4 Dead (Bond, James Bond)

One of the classic N64 games, made into a custom campaign for L4D2. Oh the nostalgia. I actually played this and developer of this campaign did a good job in recreating it.


  • entertaining dialogue between the survivors
  • great interaction with the terrain and maps
  • large maps promoting for exploration
  • hidden doors
  • easter eggs
  • great finale with the shuttle
  • good remake of GoldenEye


  • fps drops when the crescendo events start
  • favors special infected where they can do much damage as possible (good for versus though)
  • cuts from the chemical factory to suddenly jungle Aztec ruins, maybe could have provided an explanation via dialogue how they got there

Really a nice burst of nostalgia for me since I did play the Arkhangelsk Dam level before when I was in Canada way back in 2004, while staying at a cousin’s place.  I must say, the dialogue was entertaining to listen, although Nick kept repeating lines during the finale. Not sure if I liked the easter eggs, especially since it was basically a huge room filled with My Little Pony pictures, slightly creepy..well for me anyway.

You can find this awesome campaign with creepy MLP related secret rooms right here


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