L4D2 Custom Map: Halls of Death (Impossible map is impossible)

This custom map focuses on competitive co-op, as there is only room for 1 survivor supposedly. You are also given the means to hinder other players such as exploding barrels and blowing up the bridge for example.


  • innovative trap designs
  • great for challenges
  • intense
  • good map layout and design – different challenges and dangers
  • supplies well placed
  • can be played as normal co-op or competitively
lava room with tank, this room was reason for half our restarts
lava room with tank, this room was reason for half our restarts


  • extremely frustrating – especially when you are close to the rescue
  • bots don’t do well on this map as they fall victim to the traps
  • overuse of hordes

Holy, this map became so frustrating after like the 5th restart and we only got so close to rescue twice. This map was just plain brutal. The traps were really well designed, each room of the map had a unique trap/danger associated with it. I really liked the ice-covered steep descent room. So we gave up after so many restarts, I don’t actually know how many times we ended up restarting only to die.

For those interested in playing this nearly impossible intense map, you can find it right here


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