L4D2 Custom Campaign: Drop Dead Gorges v2 (beta)


Just a heads up, we didn’t finish the finale for this campaign. We were waiting for other players (mostly Geek or Kaz) who couldn’t make it. While I consider this review done, I will edit this post if I have anymore to add onto the review after the campaign.


  • custom graffiti
  • multiple paths
  • optional way-finder to help survivors find their way or disable it if survivor prefer to find their own way (2 way path system)
  • good architecture
  • supplies well-placed


  • maps are a bit long
  • even with the way-finder enabled, it can still be confusing
  • at finale, it was unclear where to go in the beginning
  • might be just my connection but heavy lagging/fps drops experienced when hordes spawn

The campaign is different from others as it was designed for versus co-op. It is still in beta as future updates are aimed on improving co-op and versus only. Therefore, the maker of the campaign is still looking for feedback I believe. However, it was originally designed for versus co-op.

The way finder was an interesting thing to add, certainly did help in showing us potential paths we could take. Even though we still got lost at times, the way finder certainly made it easier to find our way.

For those interested in playing this well-detailed campaign with multiple/confusing paths, you can get the campaign here


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