Update 6.6.13

Alright, so it has been a while since I have posted anything. Apologies. Been playing mostly vanilla stuff on L4D2 while waiting for my Borderlands to re-install.

Yes, Kaz and I are now re-installing Borderlands because we miss it, as well finish the claptrap revolution. I am also re-installing Oblivion because I miss Oblivion now. It was triggered by watching some gaming commentary on an Oblivion mod.

Kaz and Geek did try to convince me to play Cry of Fear. However, I am a giant chicken so I refused. If they had mentioned playing it in the day time then I may have considered it.

So please be patient, new content will be uploaded soon as I am still re-installing the two games. It is rather slow going due to my slow internet in Thailand. In the mean time, you are all welcome to recommend custom maps/campaigns for l4D2 or mods for Oblivion.

I will get back to Skyrim eventually, when I decide to give Dawnguard a chance again, and as well play that other DLC. Dragonborn I think it was called? I cannot remember, and finish New Vegas for the first time.


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