L4D2 Custom Campaign: Silent Hill (the campaign never ends)

Okay, no matter how many times we try to finish this campaign. We never seem to be able to finish it. Even on Gib Fest mutation so we wouldn’t have to worry about finding weapons or on easy difficulty.

We just found it impossible, or at least I did. This campaign is 12 maps long and each map is amazingly and horrifying long. So no, this is actually not a review.

The maps are well made, certainly fits the whole theme and mood that is associated with Silent Hill. There are even custom skins for the special infected to make your experience in Silent Hill, all the more terrifying accompanied by custom music.

I think my main problem with this campaign was that it was so long. All the 12 maps were so long in length with no real clear direction. Supplies are relatively scarce and such. So, this was the one campaign I never actually completed.

We always reached around the 3rd or 4th map before I got too annoyed and quit. I seen various videos of people playing it. It looks well made and but even those players voiced their frustration of the lengths of the maps.

It is just one of those campaigns that I can never complete due to not having the patience to actually explore and go through with the entire campaign.

For those who love Silent Hill or love really long campaigns with large maps to get lost in, you can find this campaign right here


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