Second Sight

This is a rather old game, released back in 2004. I can’t remember the last time or when I played this game. I remember stopping cause I got stuck in one level and couldn’t figure how to get around it. I still rather enjoyed it though. I think I got lost because I was terrible at the stealth aspect of the game and often lost my sense of direction.

This game is action-adventure based but it does have elements of stealth involved in it. It revolves around a parapsychologist named John Vattic, who is the protagonist. You, as John find yourself strapped to a medical bed in an unknown medical facility.

The reason I liked this game was because of the plot and the mix of action and stealth. You can use your psychic powers to aid your allies and attack enemies in conjunction with the use of firearms. However, the psionic powers are meant to be used defensively to avoid detection and to heal yourself. It also focuses on solving puzzles rather than just pure combat. What really intrigued me other than the story-line, was being able to see via flash-forwards of how your actions in Vattic’s present changed the outcomes in the future.

Especially the twist, when you find out the flashbacks are not of you viewing the past, but actually ongoing, you were actually seeing the future due to your precognitive ability. As well, the villain turns out to be the director of NSE and you employ the help of the “Zener children” and eventually it is revealed why the psychic of the group; Wilde kept insisting you were crucial to the entire mission.

I think it was a shame that Second Sight 2 was never made. It was claimed there wasn’t enough interest in the game despite having over a million copies sold. Some aspects of the game could be fixed such as the interface. Nevertheless, the game had a good storyline, great characters and fantastic voice acting.

From what I heard, this game was included in the book of ‘1001 games you must play before you die’.

I still think it is a good game, despite the mixed reviews of the game.


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