Oblivion Mod: Ancient Towers

Hello all! Yes, Oblivion is now back fully installed. So everything is up and running. Well except for my colored map mod which is rather heart breaking.

So the first Oblivion mod review is going to be the popular Ancient Towers mod. I actually installed Ancient Towers before but for some reason I didn’t like it. I think it was because of the re-spawning silver knights or something. I can’t remember so therefore…I shall stop trying to figure out the reason why.

Basically, you need to travel near crest-bridge camp and cross the bridge and walk up the Yellow Road. At some point, you should be attacked by a bandit who carries a note talking about the “two ancient towers”. Upon reading his letter, you will get a map marker to the ancient towers. Just a heads up, you’re in for a bit of a fight with the silver knights. I had to use my healing spell quite a bit.

However, there is a separate download file which allows you to make future re-spawns of the silver knights to be player-friendly. Which I downloaded because I do not want to fight them again. It was bad enough fighting them the first time. I think there is even a landing pad, for players who have flying mounts such as the flying akatosh mounts. If not, can someone comment below to let me know, so I can edit the post.

part of the display room
the bedroom

Moving on, I have to admit. The rooms are extremely well-made. I love all the details and little things the maker has added. My favorite rooms so far in this mod are the display/trophy room and the master bedroom. So well made and beautiful. It is actually making me torn between my faithful AranMathi and Ancient towers. I have to make that painful decision later, or just keep both…..but I’d feel bad cause AranMathi would probably end up just being my storage player owned home. Grrrrrrrr. Bah, I’ll think about that tomorrow (or later on today since it is already past midnight).

Anyway, this player owned home/tower actually has several features in it. Such as the ancient ruby armor and weapons. The ruby armor is enchanted and if you choose to wear it, is going to literally make you into a god. It is over-powered and I think it was intended that way. I love the circlet from the armor though, little too shiny for me though. However, if you lose the armor piece, you can never get it back so be careful with that. There are also custom spells that you can gain.

(If any of you are fans of Teamudf and wonder where he got his signature lightning spell from, it is from Ancient Towers)

There are 2 easter egg type rooms. Or more correctly, 2 hidden rooms that you can find. I found only one but  I never saw the actual easter egg room.

Now that I actually properly explored this player owned tower, I really love it. I think it may over-throw AranMathi from the position of my most used player home. Many rooms to explore. However, the portals can potentially cause some people’s games to crash. It is requires Shivering Isles otherwise the game will crash. I believe it conflicts with 2 mods at least so far which are: Mannimarco Resurrected: Ayleid Ruin  and Myths and Legends: Small Shrine.

the gardener, when I saw it, I nearly sh*t myself cause I didn’t see it before so to have it suddenly walk towards you….isn’t very pleasant. It does remind me of the myth of reptilian people.

There is a lot of information in the description of the mod. So if you want to know all about the rooms and potential conflicts, it is recommended to read the description. It also warns that if you go to the Shivering Isles map room, you will experience fps/lag in it.

Overall, extremely detailed and well put together. All the little details that were put into this mod made it all the more appealing and just amazing. As well giving it a life of its own. The custom lore is a nice touch as well, as it provides a reasonable story for how the towers came to existence and so forth.  Definitely going to keep this mod around now. Worth the download.


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