Heroes of Might and Magic (HoMM3)

I am going to be rather biased in this post since Heroes of Might and Magic III: The Restoration of Erathia was the only one I ever played in the series (didn’t even play the expansion packs). I think this was the only game that I ever played that was turn-based. I can’t remember much of Dungeon Siege 2 was turn based as well or not. I really sucked at Dungeon siege 2 and never got far in that game.

Note: all the images shown here are not mine, and were taken from Google. 

I wasn’t particularly the greatest in this game since I was terrible at the campaigns that had a time limit (e.g 30 days to complete a mission) and such. I was pretty good at the one campaign which involved 2 opposing forts that was only separated by a mountain pass and both sides decide it is time to take over the other. So you are on the mission to take over the other fort and defeat their heroes before they do the same to you.

~ posted by an anonymous user on warosu

I think what I liked about that, during that mission was how you needed to collect resources to strengthen your troops and castle. I had fun with that, as well recruiting a new hero and gaining new troops to defend my castle. Or learning new spells to help your troops out in battle.

I enjoyed it since you can strategize your next move during battles to ensure you have a good chance of winning. It also requires to explore the map but each exploration of the map, requires to make it worth it as the enemy uses their turn as well to either collect resources or to go further to reach you and your fort.

image taken from Paul the Tall

Been a while since I played it. Okay, not a while. It has been years since I last played it. Talking about it and seeing images of it makes me want to play it again. I am going to have to see if I can find the disc in my giant mess of a room when I return to Singapore tomorrow.


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