Oblivion Mod: Legend in the Sky

Legend in the Sky is a player owned home where it gives you a castle in the sky. The architecture is mostly Imperial, might be taken from the temple in the Imperial City.

There is a quest that you have to go through to earn the castle. There is a walk-through given as the quest is rather hard. To begin, you need to go buy a book in the First Edition called “Sky Castle” (I think). Once you read it, you have to figure out from the clues where to go.

I have to admit, I needed the walk-through cause I had no idea where to go, other than the one place that was near Dragon-claw rock. Also, I had to look a YouTube video to see why I wasn’t getting the quest updates, turns out you need to wait for some of the quest stages to update. Other than that, it was pretty smooth. I liked the custom locations.

Only issue I had was that the power crystal didn’t leave my inventory, I assume it was supposed to leave my inventory.

the power crystal

The interior of the sky castle was amazing. I think the bedroom was really well designed. My favorite room in this mod. Still debating whether to keep this since I have Ancient Towers and AranMathi. Perhaps the Sky Castle can be the home the champion goes to relax when she wants to get away from everyone since she’d be up in the sky out of reach.

The quest aspect was alright, could use more clues as to where to go for the beginning. Also, maybe mention that there may be delays from you arriving at the location to when the quest log updates. Also, they could mention where you should go to place the power crystal since it does not mention where to go. Not really an issue for me since you are limited to exploration of the outside so I guess it is not that difficult to figure it out.

exterior, finally coming to claim my prize
upon entering – throne room

Not sure how I feel about the fact the sky castle used to be a vessel of some kind. It doesn’t really seem to be a sky castle although they explained it away by saying the majority of the place was destroyed. Still little conflicted on that though. The armor on the stand is a nice touch, since you can mount the armor back on its stand again if you don’t want to carry/wear it around.

Also, I noticed that the ghost mentions it is finally free to rest yet it still stands watch. Kind of curious if the ghost is meant to disappear or just hang out there. Sorry for not including a screenshot of the bedroom, I couldn’t find a good angle to take a screenshot. I probably could just taken 2 screenshots of the bedroom from opposite sides but that thought didn’t occur to me till just now.


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