Oblivion DLC: Mehrunes Razor

Another DLC from Oblivion. This is most likely the last DLC that I will review/talk about. This is a quest oriented mod revolving around the infamous daedric artifact: Merhunes Razor.

You will start off by hearing the rumor about the a group trying to find the mythical razor. You will have to go to an old ruined fort called Sundercliff Watch. You will encounter an army of Drothmeri soldiers, under the command of a rogue Telvanni named Frathen Drothan.

You will find out the back-story to his expedition via his journal, however you will also find other notes from certain npcs such as the steward (who is Drothan’s cousin) and the forge-master’s apprentices. You will even find some unique potions, a unique hood and robe, and even a Morag Tong assassin (whom is very far from home) whom wears unique leather armor.

more editing skills revealed! also, i reveal my fail screenshot of the morag tong assassin as I forgot he had chameleon on his armor

As you explore the old fort, you will eventually find the lost Ayleid city of Varsa Baalim which has plenty of vampires hanging around and a few Drothmeri soldiers fighting. However, before you can even enter the city you have to find enchanted bezoars which are with Drothan’s two trusted lieutenants: the forge-master and the Drothmeri commander.

However, once you enter the Nefarivigum you will find Drothan himself. He will be studying the statue of Merhunes’ former champion pondering his next move. You have two options to go about this. You can either force the gate holding the razor open (which the champion will then awaken and fight Drothan) or eat the champion’s heart (giving you 4 infamy points). Either way you need to either fight the champion or Drothan. The champion is going to awaken regardless of your choice.

you don’t say?

Once you grab the razor, the back wall will drop revealing some forgotten tunnels which exits at a lake, south of the Sundercliff Watch.

This is a very challenging dungeon crawl considering the number of levels, areas and enemies you have to go through. I spent majority of my time repairing my gear because it took so much abuse during the dungeon crawl. I also had to use my healing spell quite a few times although, health-wise I did not take too much damage. I often used my lightning spell (from Ancient Towers) which took care of most of the enemies rather well. I only had to engage in close combat to deliver the killing blow or I couldn’t cast my spell quickly enough.

in the Varsa Baalim

I enjoyed the challenge and reading the notes, letters and journals that give different views of the expedition. I was impressed that they provide the reason for why Drothan was so interested in finding the razor and how he managed to find so many soldiers and laborers. I also had a moment of OCD of having to collect iron ore for no particular reason. I was rather surprised to encounter vampires in the ayleid city. It didn’t make much sense to me as to why you would find vampires in there. Skeletons would make sense but not vampires. Unless they found refuge in the city long before Drothan and his army found the city, which makes more sense.


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