Oblivion Mod: Mafreseli (Hall of Frost)

I was on Oblivion Nexus two nights ago, just browsing for some mods because I am procrastinating from doing the main quest when I saw Mafreseli. I wasn’t really looking for another player home since Legend in the Sky and especially Ancient Towers are already going to serve as my main player homes for the most part. Screenshots be everywhere in this post, I did not take screenshots of all the weapons, items or armor. Just some (if not most) of them.

However, the screenshots looked so impressive to the point that I downloaded it. After playing this mod, I was just sold. This mod does require a few things. It needs OBSE, Shivering Isles and borders to be disabled. It may cause a frame-rate hit on lower end PCs, I experienced a few crashes and lag/fps drop on my laptop. However, I think it was just my laptop since my laptop has been acting a tad strange lately.

The general story of this mod is (taken directly from the mod description): “The Arcane University recently dispatched a team of scholars and excavators to an Ayleid site far to the north…and they have not been heard from since. It is up to you to discover what fate befell these archaeologists

Mafreseli includes:
1) A bed with room for a companion.
2) A healing altar similar to the Altar of the Nine.
3) A teleportation spell to return whenever desired.
4) Enchanting and Spellmaking altars.
5) New enchanted armor and weapons. Only one set of armor (worn by two NPCs) requires Roberts Male Body and/or HGEC to work. The other sets cover from head to toe, and may be worn by any body type.
6) New items, including special Varla and Welkynd Stones and priceless Ayleid statues.
7) New, very bright torches, called “Mafre Latta.”
8) Many nonrespawning storage containers.  ”  – mod description


This ruin is north of Dive rock, you will get a map marker for it. Just a warning, you will want to be a relatively high leveled character at least over 25. I was level 30 and I was getting owned quite a bit. My gear took a heavy beating. Make sure you have plenty of health potions and/or potion of sorcery (if you are a spell-caster), bringing something to protect you from frost and paralyzation would definitely help you as well.

It is very combat heavy as there are a ton of enemies scattered over the vast interlinking ayleid ruin. They are all mostly connected too each other. It is very easy to get lost and disoriented of where you have been and where you have not been. I normally relied on my sword rather than spells, since spells had a tendency to send them flying, and they would glitch through the walls, or their weapons/shields would. I also forgot I had a fire spell which did a great amount of damage against them.

The custom textures for Mafreseli was amazing, such a beautiful ayleid ruin. It makes me want to download a mod that changes the appearance of all vanilla ayleid ruins but would ruin the immersion. The custom armor was just amazing, especially since there are different versions of the armor. I love the armor. It has now replaced my armor that I use from Apophis Armory of the Silver Dragon. The custom weapons are amazing, the fact that there are even custom textures for ayleid chests/casks, torches, varla stones, ayleid statue and welkynd stones.

There are just custom textures for everything in this mod and which makes it so unique. It fits the theme of the mod which is Hall(s) of Frost. I actually searched up ayleid language (due to curiosity) and Mafreseli does literally translate to Halls of frost. The reason I was looking for the lore of ayleid language was to see if I can translate the message I got from the altar of the temple area. The message translated basically means: my bless is give(n).

one of the coolest custom spell-making and enchanting altars I ever seen

I was surprised to find the journal of the head archaeologist, but it was a nice touch as it explained how they found the ruins and the events that lead to their transformation. The last entry is in ayleid and I didn’t remember what it said, so couldn’t translate it. The enemies also do not respawn, so once you cleared it out it will be safe to stay and to store your items. However, be sure to loot them because otherwise you are not going to be able to have the custom armor and weapons. It is rather empty though, would had liked some friendly npcs to hang around to give it some life, as it is very large and extensive. The mod is no longer being updated, so I have no idea if I done everything or not.

Wish there was an actual explantation as too how they became transformed, or explain how Mafreseli was different from the other ayleid ruins. They did explain how Mafreseli worshipped Azura and two other deities rather than Meridia. Overall, excellent mod. It is definitely joining my list of mods that I absolutely need to have in my load order whenever I play Oblivion. I love the armor and Mafreseli is just so beautiful with its custom textures. Still debating whether to go ahead and get that ayleid ruins replacer but it would ruin the feel of the ruins and my immersion. Oh decisions. Great mod, if you are looking for a challenge, a massive dungeon to explore, a player home or love anything related to the Ayleids in general, then this mod is a definitely worth the look.


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