L4D2 Custom Campaign: Dead Before Dawn (Director’s Cut)

Hello all! It has been a while since I last gave an update. I been busy trying to finish the Oblivion main quest which I just finished today. I am considering doing Shivering Isles and Knights of the Nine expansions first before I continue with the mod reviews. Enough of that. Today, we do a custom campaign for L4D2! Anyone remember that game? Yes, I still play it. Just been neglecting it in favor for Oblivion. Onward with the review!


  • amusing voice acting that is clear and understandable
  • good map design – large enough to explore
  • nice little story to go with the campaign
  • supplies are well-placed
  • custom music – the music was so good, it was even scary at times
  • challenging
Coach! We need you to go hulk and chuck this toilet at the window


  • little confusing in the beginning, we ended up going in a circle
  • the “lift” event was confusing since I thought it was a literal elevator, not a fork-lift
  • the ride with the mounted gun was hard to aim with due to constant movement and slightly awkward placement
  • long loading times between map, might be the server’s fault though

Overall, challenging map. Very large which allows for exploration to find weapons and supplies. The fork-lift event kind of surprised me. The finale was interesting, although the tank appearing right in my face didn’t help me too much. The rescue vehicle was really hardcore though. The custom voice acting, while some of the lines spoken annoyed me…was actually really good. It was amusing for the most part and it was spoken loud and clear. So I didn’t have to struggle to hear what was being said, which was a problem I had in some other campaigns/maps that have custom voice acting. Very good  map.

You shall find this campaign right here


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