Oblivion Mods I use [2013 edition]

Time for another list of mods I use. This time for Oblivion, 2013 edition! This post will probably be edited as time goes on, since I continue to download other various mods.

Obviously some of these mods are going to require OBSE to function and some are in .omod format so you will need Oblivion Mod Manager (OBMM), besides it makes installing mods easier although I usually do it the manual way. I just noticed how a majority of my mods that start with “B” all say ‘better’ in their name.

There are a few mods that aren’t in this list, mainly because I haven’t enabled them yet to play through them. They are mainly: Lost Spires (with accompanying Lost Spires Themed Loading Screens), Tears of the Fiend, Verona House Bloodlines and a few others. I am doing them later because they are long quests or I take a while to get around to all the quests. I tend to get distracted easily.


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