Sim City 2000 (does anyone remember this game?)

Anyone still remember this game? Man, I loved this game so much when I was younger. I was actually introduced to the game when I was in elementary school during our computer class. We played mostly educational games then. Sim City 2000 was the first game I ever played (other than Harry Potter and the philosophers stone game and Tarzan…yes I had a Tarzan game for windows back then, don’t judge).

I have to admit, I am still rather noobish at this game. It has been so long since I played it. I was surprised when I found a site selling the game for $2.99 US dollars. Amazingly, was sold on the same site I bought my HoMM3 (I couldn’t find the disc so I bought it online and I am so thrilled to play it again). 

So yes, I am still terrible at building and managing a city. Can’t build a city yet I can manage a fort and an army in HoMM3. Makes sense.

Basically, you can start building your city in the years: 1900, 1950, 2000 or 2050. You will be building your city from the ground up. Location will play a key part in this as well, as you will want to be near a clean water source as well. You can play through scenarios as well, if you don’t want to build your own city, where you have to get your city to survive or recover from a natural disaster. Maybe…I only glanced through the campaigns, I only saw most of them involving a disaster of some sort.

I tend to do generally well for my city till my city starts telling me about water shortages. Water seems to be the cause of doom for my city all the time constantly. If only I remembered the trick my friend showed me back in school, how to get your city to do so well that you don’t need to do anything anymore. It becomes a futuristic city and so on.  Oh well, I will make a successful city one day! I shall succeed!

However, if you can get past the graphics. It is actually quite an addicting game. The controls are not entirely hard, you grasp the basic controls rather quickly. You are even able to edit the world map before actually building your city. Which is something I need to start using more, so I don’t make myself bankrupt constantly trying to level whole mountains. Alright. I am going to go landscape a new map and this time, I am going to succeed in building my city. One way or another. May the city prosper!


2 thoughts on “Sim City 2000 (does anyone remember this game?)

  1. Once you have filled an entire map its fun to try to make a good city dispite all the hills rather than making it flat…. there also used to be a mod to make cities like…. 10x larger, but i cant ever find it.

    • Yeah it is. I was really bad at the game though so I never did get far with my city. Not sure about the mod though. I remember there was like some kind of exploit you could use for the game, which you fiddled with the game options then let time fast-forward. You didn’t have to do much other than that and the city would build itself right till the futuristic times.

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