L4D2 Custom Campaign: We Don’t Go To Ravenholm 2 (You left me with 2 tanks Kaz!)

So finally, Kaz rises from the dead to return to L4D2. Decided to play this campaign, was originally meant to play it when I was back in Thailand, however Claire had school again so she couldn’t join. It was just sitting around in my addons so figured might as well just play it. This is the second half-life campaign I played for L4D2. Another one was called: Point Insertion & A Red Letter Day which is linked to the said review of that campaign.

roof top adventures


  • ported seamlessly into the game
  • good length of maps
  • overall, the maps were really good. enjoyed the roof-top adventures and the water tower was awesome
  • supplies well placed
  • the lifts, especially in the mines was amazing. although it can be easy to fall off the sides
  • force fields looked amazing
  • excellent finale
Hi Mr Tank, I don’t think you can find in the tunnel


  • first two maps look too similar despite having differences
  • glitch in water tower – if you jump into it instead of walking into it, it causes instant death. as kaz found out
  • nitpick: the train goes through the barrier but heads toward the safe-room you exit from to start the finale, which is a dead-end
  • Kaz dies along with the bots, leaving me to fend for myself in the finale all alone
  • Confused where to go in the 3rd (Mines) map but eventually figured out, which made us feel like idiots
  • in the finale, could have had short breaks between the crescendo hordes prior to tanks
  • two tanks at the finale
Up the mineshaft

This campaign was a port from Half-Life 2 to L4D2 which was done flawlessly. Even though the first two maps felt the same, they did make the maps feel less linear as they offered different areas to explore. The mines were probably my favorite part of the campaign, despite the fact we were a little confused where to go. Once we figured it out, it was pretty good. Kaz got annoyed as I was telling him how the mine lift shaft was reminding me of another game where something terrible happens near the top, then just when we reached the top there was a tank. Whoops. The force fields were really nice,  loved the look of the force fields. The towns definitely looked suited and worked very well for the zombie apocalypse scenario.

You shall locate the campaign right here


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