L4D2 Custom Campaign: Never Ending War (THE SAFEROOM ISN’T SAFE AT ALL! ITS FAKE!)

Kaz decided to celebrate his return to school, by playing L4D2 30 mins before midnight. Nope, not finishing his homework or going to bed. He insisted on playing L4D2 instead of finishing his homework. I am not sure why I gave in to his begging. I am a terrible friend.


  • custom voice acting adds and gives a bit of a story to the campaign
  • custom music adds to the game – custom saferoom music, custom credits music, custom death music
  • map 4 (the prison) was extremely well made – gave a feeling of despair and gloomy atmosphere in the prison, one of the better prison map designs I seen
  • overall, the map layout was good – some maps did
  • the car crashing shortly after the driver ditches you after you help him fill his car up was hilarious
  • custom tank skins in the finale was a nice touch – didn’t check to see if the other tanks in the map were also custom skins
missing textures


  • no tier 2 weapons till the 3rd map
  • supplies were sometimes hard to find in some maps
  • some of the buildings and areas were empty which was odd
  • in the first map, the bots and an idle kaz teleported to the saferoom instead of staying with me to start the elevator – had to go idle myself to go to where they were
  • map 3 was difficult – scripted tank event and non-stop crescendo running to the saferoom made things hard
  • also in map 3, after the elevator event coach bot got stuck on the lift and only teleported to us when we reached the gun store
  • the office building in the 3rd map, the stairs leading up to other floors looked all the same making it boring
  • unclear where the rescue vehicle was – kaz had to tell me where it was, since there was no glow around the van
  • map 4 (prison) there was no clear direction where to go – I ended up finding the way to go out as I explored the walkway near the button to start the crescendo event. Also the crescendo event was rather extensive 

Overall, it was an enjoyable map. However there was issues with the bot nav especially in map 1 and 3. As well maps 3 and 4 were tedious due to their crescendo events combined with lack of health. Map 3 was especially brutal with the scripted tank and the non-stop crescendo. It was unclear where to go once you entered the fake saferoom, only by running away from the horde randomly, did we finally find the saferoom.

that is quite a drop

Also, looking at the comments and reviews on L4Dmaps.com does raise some concern. As there seems to be conflict in their reviews about whether the campaign actually deserves the high rating of 8, as well questioning whether some of the accounts reviewing SpeedBoost’s campaigns are actually real reviewers or dummy accounts.  In the end, the campaign was decent but there were issues that took away some of the fun away from the game. It could be an excellent campaign with further polishing, however it is decent the way it is now. Some of the maps had good detail but also there was a lack of detail in some areas of the map. Nevertheless, decent map overall.



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