Oblivion Mod: A Brotherhood Renewed

A Brotherhood Renewed takes place after the events of the vanilla Dark Brotherhood quest-line. For the quest to start, you need to have at least visited the Night mother in Bravil and passing the information gained from her, to Arquen at least once. Then you are supposed to wait for a week in-game time, for a courier to find you.

The quest line for this is basically simple, the Brotherhood is now in ruins and Arquen believes it is time to reclaim the sanctuaries that have been lost to the Dark Brotherhood  in the other main cities. The only cities that don’t seem to have Dark Brotherhood sanctuary is Kvatch and Skingrad. Once you reclaim them, you have to find them new speakers to run the sanctuaries. Arquen will give you her recommendation, or if the original members of the Cheydinhal survived from a mod then you can use them to act as heads for the new reclaimed branches.

somebody is a naughty priest

You are also given various ways to deal with certain quests. Such as the reclaiming the sanctuary in Bruma, you have two different ways in reclaiming the sanctuary. So you can also complete quests in alternative ways instead of having to murder everyone.

Once you done reclaiming the sanctuaries. There are 3 side-quests for you to do once you reclaim them. One will involve the Chorrol sanctuary where the courier will find you after 3 days. The second involves you talking to the speaker in the Imperial City, where you can deal with the bandit leader who defiled the sanctuary (there is more than one option in resolving this). The final quest is where you can get the teleport pads in the sanctuaries to work to give the brotherhood easier access to the other sanctuaries, with the sanctuary in the Imperial City acting as the central hub. Once the network is energized, Arquen will inform you that the speakers will meet each other at the beginning of each month.

what dastardly secrets do the Bruma tombs hold? Must say, really like the look of this place. Fitting for the Dark Brotherhood indeed

The sanctuaries are located in vanilla Oblivion, however they do require you to be observant. Something which I am not apparently good at since I was trying to find the hidden switch to find the entrance to the Imperial Brotherhood sanctuary and I didn’t realize how obvious it was because I was scanning quickly instead of looking through slowly. So by the time I checked the walk-through and saw the video play-through, I felt like an idiot. Some are more straight-forward than others.

Other than that, the sanctuaries are very well designed. I loved the look of all the sanctuaries as they fit with the theme and are all unique to their own locations. However, since they use vanilla locations the mods that make changes to any of these locations will most likely cause a conflict.

On a whole, I really enjoyed the mod. It gave the Dark Brotherhood quest a more fitting ending, since the loading screens often mention these other sanctuaries but Cheydinhal is the only one you can actually enter. It gives the sense that the Brotherhood has recovered from having a traitor among their midst. Shame about not having Skingrad as well, but the mod did do a good job explaining why the sanctuary in Skingrad was not available, as well relating to the Crimson Scars whom are mentioned with the Vile Lair dlc for Oblivion.


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