Oblivion Mod: Verona House Bloodlines

“Heal his pain,
Deny his reign,
End my Shame,
Free Verona House.”

the mysterious prophecy that may hold the key to claiming Verona House as your own

Verona House Bloodlines adds a new town known as Verona Bay with the titular Verona House. It is considered an expansion of the original Verona House mod, as well adding a quest-line with an excellent plot to earn the house.

Verona House, by the nine this house is too large

This mod requires you to finish the main quest, once you are the Champion of Cyrodiil, you can just wait in any of the main cities for someone to find you to begin the quest. The messenger will mark your map of the location to Verona Bay, so you don’t need to worry about finding it. Once there, you talk to Harding who tells you that you need imperial credit certificates since the owners of the house apparently refuse cash. Which starts you on your quests where you find out about a dangerous vampire clan known as the Night Brethren, whom seem to be planning a takeover of the empire as there is no one to hold the throne.

It adds a number of new locations ranging from: Verona bay itself, camps of a fugitive guard, new mine and the vampire lairs of the Night Brethren. Even to a custom plane of Oblivion. Yes, you return to the planes of Oblivion. Just once though. It adds a number of new npcs, some act as generic npcs to give life to towns or give you enemies to fight and the rest are crucial to the quest.

one of the various places you will visit

It also adds two factions to the game. The Night Brethren obviously, and the people who are determined to stop the Night Brethren, called the Night Hunters. Personally, I think the Night Brethren sound a lot more intimidating than the Night Hunters. The Night Hunters, the name of the faction doesn’t really strike fear or sound like a faction powerful enough to stop a deadly faction of vampires who thirst to rule all of Cyrodiil. Obviously, you are aligned with the Night Hunters. The Immortal One as the leader of the Night Brethren is sometimes called, will try to offer you a deal but I wouldn’t recommend agreeing to his proposition. If you do, you will not get the house and you probably will be visited by assassins quite often.

There is custom armor and weapons but it is mostly for the Night Brethren. There are some custom robes (for Night Brethren) and few other custom items such as custom banners, potions, amulet and so forth. You do get a custom sword however, towards the end of the quest-line when you go to confront Lord Vulna. You will receive a sword called Vampire’s Bane. Ocato will give you this sword himself. You will also get a set of armor from VanGraff himself when you finally fulfill the prophecy.

The plot for the overall mod is really well done. Intriguing since everything is so well-explained either through the npcs or notes that you find throughout the mod (if you bother looking for them and reading them), the characters themselves are pretty fleshed out, although a few of them may appear to be bland. Every motivation for the main npcs is explained thoroughly. I did like how they did make references to some of the vanilla npcs such as the Count of Skingrad.

great…back to the planes of Oblivion

I did like how it felt like there were two main plots going on for the mod. One is to obviously stop the Night Brethren and the other is to free the Lady of Verona House from her shame, and to reunite her with her husband. So basically, you are saving Cyrodiil again and giving closure to a few npcs who are tortured by the past.

The voice acting, is rather bland however. It sounds like there are only two people who are providing the voices for the npcs who are important to the quest-line. However, I can’t complain since finding voice actors for large mods with multiple npcs such as this are hard and this mod was last updated way back in 2009.

Now finally, I talk about the house. The main prize of the mod and the reason for many people downloading it (unless they downloaded it for the quest rather than the house). The house is amazingly large. So large that I tend to get lost in it, cause I can’t remember how to get out or I have no idea which part of the house I am in. The house has at least 4 entrances to enter the house. The grand hall, the reception area, the private apartments and finally the mages’ suite. However, there is a lot more rooms inside the interior.

You even get a staff to look after your house for you, which is a bonus since I generally like immersion and dislike large homes if they have no npc hanging around in it. So having house staff with various jobs is a bonus, especially for me since it makes me enjoy the house a lot more and great for role-playing.

The palace of the brides, the last obstacle before facing Vulna himself

On a whole, a very solid quest-player home mod. Not many problems experienced in the mod. Well actually, the only issue I had was when I had an issue trying to get the missing fifth bride’s key from her portion of the castle/ayleid ruin. I never got the journal updates, and when I did have all the keys, the door leading to the Immortal One kept saying I needed all the keys. That was a problem I experienced during my first play-through. Can’t remember if I encountered it again during my later play-through. I don’t even remember if this is my third or fourth time playing this  mod.

I did like the little pop-up messages you get when you enter  certain locations such as the gilded cage, Mirandahal and the lost caverns of St. Alessia. Although, it did break immersion but the messages were amusing nevertheless. Especially the one when you enter and leave the caverns of the St.Alessia monsterary.

Unfortunately, I can’t keep it active in my game since I often crash whenever I try to have it active with  my other mods. I am still unsure which mod is causing the crash. Also,  my characters has more homes than she knows what to do with. Good lord, she has like at least 5 homes already. The first time I got this mod, was purely because I was in that stage of wanting so many awesome player owned homes. Since I already have more than enough homes, the reason for this play-through was purely for the enjoyment of the quest-line to earn the house. Perhaps I will just keep the save which I used for this mod, but deactivate the mod so I can use others mod on my other saves. Like I did with the Brotherhood Renewed mod because I don’t want to go through all of that again. I spent way too long trying to finish this mod.


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