Oblivion Mod: The Blade of the Haunted

So after playing Verona House Bloodlines, I decided to do a relatively short quest mod. Also, I forgot how long it takes to do Verona House Bloodlines, especially during the beginning of it. In short, I lost most of my motivation to do any longer quest mods for the time being, and I am also lazy. Simply because I choose to be.

The Blade of the Haunted sword quest mod, where you have to rely on clues given to you by the npcs to figure out where you are going. The journal doesn’t necessary help you. It just gives you general clues. Why? Because there is no quest markers for this quest, therefore you have to actually pay attention to what the characters are saying and what you are reading.

Yes, you actually have to read stuff. Something I actually found enjoyable since I enjoyed the additional information and back-story to the overall mod. According to the mod author, you are going to want to be  between level 10-15. However, if you have Oscuro’s Oblivion Overhaul (OOO), you will want to be a higher level. I don’t use OOO however and I started it at level 30.

To start the quest, you need to go to Mach-Na’s bookstore in Cheydinhal. She will tell you about the book, but to actually get the quest you must purchase the book and read it. I suggest reading the book. It’s actually quite a good story.

The quest is not for those who want quest markers or their journal to guide them. This mod will not have that. You have to pay attention and be able to figure out from the clues given to you. However, there is a walk-through for the mod. The walk-through is actually pretty well made, since 3 different levels of hints. Level 1 which gives general hints, level 2 gives a bit more information and level 3 reveals all the spoilers needed to proceed with the quest.

welcome to the dreamworld of nightmares

The idea of using welkynd stones (custom colored ones) as keys was a good idea. Especially since you had to drop it first, use the grab key then move it over the pedestal before it will go on the pedestal.

The dreamworld was probably the scariest part and hardest part of the mod. Especially since most of your attributes are drained, especially speed so out-running the “nightmare” was hard. I had a hard time finding the ayleid wells in the dreamworld that acted as markers, so when you dream again, you will start  next to the wells. I did find the fountain of dreams which was the important thing so doesn’t matter. You actually have to poison the sword with a special potion, to defeat the “nightmare”. Once you defeat it, you can grab the amulet of nightmares off it but you need to do it quickly, since you will teleport to another part of the dream. Once you finish that, you wake up with the real sword itself. You will also get two spells, for the sword. One is to summon the sword in case you dropped it on the ground somewhere. The other is to edit the sword’s appearance, whether its one-handed or two-handed and its weapon stats.

Other than that, you can go around to the main npcs and tell them you found the sword for some fame boost. You can also keep the things you got throughout the quest such as the key stones. The custom music actually terrified me, especially when I was searching through the hidden study. When that custom music played, it just scared me cause it made me think I was going to have to fight a horrific monster or something. There is a video addon that plays video in certain parts of the quest. Mostly for the nightmare sequence. The video was really good, I enjoyed it. The voice acting was pretty good for the most part. I think the same people did the voices for the actors though, it sounded like it.

The sword looked really good. The scabbard wasn’t to my liking but not really concerned about that. The quest was really good, I enjoyed myself in trying to find clues and deciphering them. The fact you can edit the sword’s stats with the spell was a bonus since I didn’t like its speed and how low the damage it inflicted was, so that was great that you were able to edit the stats. Fantastic sword quest mod with decent length to it. The only issue I noticed was that my sword scabbard wasn’t the correct one that I had selected during the OBMM where I selected a dark scabbard, but I got the default silver one. Doesn’t really matter though, still love the sword. It looks amazing, the fact I can give it the same stats as my Dark Night Blade is a bonus (in terms of speed and damage per hit).


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