Oblivion Mod: AFK_Weye

AFK_Weye is one of the many mods that I am fond of. AFK_Weye breathes live into the settlement of Weye , outside of the Imperial City which originally consisted of 1 lonely house and that was it. When you return to Weye, you will now see there is a horse stable, a manor, sheep farm, another farm, a shop for archers, a general merchant who hails from Balmora, Morrowind and several houses belonging to those who inhabit Weye.

AFK_Weye consists of 6 main quests and 16 side quests. While doing this mod, you will pretty much end up doing the majority of the main quests, as the main quests mostly revolves around the mysterious amulet called the Star of Suran and the Commona Tong’s determination to retrieve it. One of the main reasons why I loved this mod other than it bringing more life to Weye, was that the various references. It did not just reference to Morrowind; it also referenced to things such as songs, tv shows/movies and even poems. Even some of the dialogue, one sword and character names were a reference to something.

Not to mention it had a great story, where all the main quests were related to each other. The some of the side quests were extremely intriguing for me as well. It brings in some custom items which are unique and the elemental arrows which is a bonus as well. As well adding more life to Weye, or adding more of a back-story to the people living in Weye. All the characters had their own story and brought life to Weye. I think my favorite side-quest(s) begins with the quest: Down in a Hole. As you need to be doing this side-quest to find the other two side-quests that take place in the Ayleid ruins of Kerrach. Although, I did enjoy doing the side-quests of: What Lies in a Name and Zombies in the Mist. The Forget Me Not quest was also good, since it gives the retired forester a back-story and you can give him a happy ending. I didn’t really like the Hungry Hearts side-quest, mostly because of the sheer number of skeletons and I never could remember the path you had to take, to reach the final room (I often ended up using the toggle collision command cause I got frustrated).

There is one side quest called The Metal Box, which I never got in all two of my three play-throughs mostly because I wasn’t aware this side-quest existed. It basically gives you a choice whether you want to open the box and keep the magic scroll or deliver the box (which will enable the boss fight, per say to use the spell).

While the house was vanilla, it was certainly well made to be unique in terms of the alchemy room and the hidden vaults. You could ask your manor guards to follow you as companions, I don’t think they are essential though, so they could die. You could spar with the man who challenged you to a duel (if you did that side-quest) and your house steward can give you food and drink. You can also turn on/off the various fireplaces and light fixtures in the manor, which I found night. The house steward will turn them on and off depending on the time.  Not to mention the custom land (during the last quest) was brilliant as well. I really enjoyed how they brought elements of Morrowind back to Oblivion. I really miss Morrowind. Perhaps I ought to have a look at another mod which brings back the magical rings of lore from Morrowind to Oblivion or the artifacts. Always thought it was a shame that you couldn’t go find mystical artifacts like you could in Morrowind.

image from afk_dwip

While the mod is short, it was extremely well made with great attention to the story-line and the rewards were pretty fantastic without being over-powered. I thought it was a shame it was over so quickly but enjoyed it all the same. Although this mod does conflict with other mods that change Weye as well. I am not sure if it conflicted with Verona House Bloodlines, I think it depended on the load order cause I did have both active at one point. It is compatible with COBL however. Every-time I play Oblivion, I always end up having this mod.


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