Update 14.7.2013

Hello everyone. Just a quick random update.

Reviews for custom campaigns/maps for Left 4 Dead 2 may be postponed for the time being. This is uncertain however. I do have a post for a custom campaign in the drafts, I may just upload it as it is, as it seems unlikely we will finish it.

As of right now, I have Oblivion, Left 4 Dead 2, Binding of Issac and Portal 2 installed.

Oblivion will still have reviews coming, once I get around to starting and finishing the Dungeons of Ivellon mod. It is most likely that when I get bored with Oblivion, I will re-install Skyrim and hope that the Dawnguard dlc will work, I also want to try that Dragonborn dlc as well.

I re-installed Binding of Issac since watching other people play it on YouTube, made me want to play it again. I gotten a lot further in the game than I have before. Improved in the game somewhat, I die less early now. Before I would die before I killed my third mini boss. So that is going to be part of the reason why I am so slow to do my reviews. Other than occasionally helping a friend with his minecraft server, which is now in open beta, or helping him record his YouTube videos.

As for Portal 2, I am still conflicted whether to start reviewing custom Portal 2 maps/test chambers. I could easily start doing those. However, I would like to know what you guys would think about that. Otherwise, when I finish the portal 2 co-op with a friend, and finish the single player game from chapter 6…it would be quite likely it will be uninstalled.

Moving on, the Steam Summer sale has been going for about 3 days now and already got myself 2 new games. Still debating whether to get Dead Island: Riptide though. I got Dead Island but I played it less than an hour. Mostly because I did not have a friend to play it. It is more enjoyable when you have a friend to play with. I wasn’t very keen on playing with complete strangers, they didn’t really join my game when I did play it anyway. For Riptide, there is a friend who wants to play it…however unsure whether to get it during the summer sale or wait for the Halloween sale. [I’m already so broke from going out with a friend the other day..]

So what do you guys think? Shall I include Portal 2 custom test chambers reviews into the mix? Are you guys looking forward to any of the games being sold on the Steam sale? By the way, how is the summer going for most of you guys?


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