Oblivion Mod: The Dungeons of Ivellon

So after over a week of procrastinating, I finally get around to starting and finishing this mod in two days. This mod really spooked me out, thanks to all of the creepy noises and the dark dungeons. It got to the point I was igniting torches and lanterns, despite having a light spell on. I may or may not have got too spooked on the first day (I was playing it really late in the night) that I fear quit. Kaz enjoyed the fact I was extremely nervous since he couldn’t hear the sounds I was hearing.

This mod revolves around the legendary Dungeons of Ivellon. A famous adventurer-author supposedly finds the location of the dungeons but doesn’t explore it till he is elderly. You read the book about it and go on a quest filled with riddles and item searching to explore the mystical dungeons for its untold riches. There is no quest marker and the journal doesn’t really help you, so you have to figure much of the tasks on your own…or with help of a walk-through.

The Cloud Tower of Cheydinhal, the dungeons of Ivellon await a brave or foolish adventurer to delve into its depths..

The main attraction of the mod is mostly for its custom tile-set for the dungeon. For me, I think the main attraction for the mod is not the custom tile-set, but the atmosphere and ambiance that the mod creates. You will constantly hear noises at random intervals; doors opening and closing, grates being opened, creatures growling at you and something using magic. The custom statues were simply amazing, they were true to the medieval theme that the maker was going for. Actually most of the dungeon and weapons were true to the medieval theme. The custom weapons were pretty amazing, although some of them looked too similar to each other for me to tell the difference. The armor was amazing, I was so glad I managed to find all the pieces to the armor. I am not a fan of using shields but the shields were amazing, such nice detail. I laughed when I realized I found a spell tome that lets you summon holy barrel wine. I found the idea hilarious, although it is useful.

The notes that are scattered around provide excellent back-story to the mod. However, the only issue I had with the mod was that the text was too hard for me to read. The extra little parts that you could do in the mod such as finding Ivan’s bones to put  him back together and then gaining him as a companion was great. His summon companion spell actually worked really well. I thought I would have the same issue summoning companions like the companion from The Well of Minlorada, where his summon spell would not work at all.

The dungeon is well made and the custom tile-set was superb. Just little confusing in navigating at times, especially in the catacombs section. I did like how you were able to bless the weapons, although finding enough coins to bless one weapon was a task. I managed to scour the dungeons enough to be able to bless two weapons (one of them was a sacrifice to give Ivan a reconstructed body). I enjoyed going through the little extras that weren’t really part of the main quest overall. I admit, I had to use the walk-through cause I had trouble finding Ivan’s missing bones so I ended up scrolling the text document to see if I had missed anything (this was prior to the final “boss “battle). Also, the little detail of being able to choose whether the helmet is opened or closed was a very nice touch as well. I had just with that.

On a whole, this is a very solid mod. I didn’t experience any issues throughout my play-through for the mod. The only issue I had was being unable to read the notes and books in the mod, due to the text being too hard for me to read. Another potential issue would probably be during the beginning when you first start the quest where it is unclear what you are meant to do, once you figure out who is the descendant of the author of the book. The crown of catharsis, gave me such a problem. I couldn’t decide whether to keep it or not. In the end, I ended up destroying it. A part of me regrets it since I really did like the crown. However, I keep ending up being a morally good character in games (who harbors secrets such as being the leader of the Black Hand and may or may not be the new Gray Fox) so I choose the morally good choice. You do get a reward for destroying the crown. Just scroll on down for the rest of the screenshots, it is mostly showing the custom armor and weapons, along with the crown.


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