L4D2 Custom Campaign: Left 4 SGC Beta v1.0 (help everything is in spanish)

When I first saw some gamers play this on YouTube, I really wanted to play this campaign. I liked the whole idea of using star-gate to travel to different planets and fighting the infection. However, various reasons prevented me from playing. It is still in beta version. Not sure if it is still being worked on. I did not check. The campaign is mostly in spanish in terms of the custom dialogue and the words like you see in the screenshot of the intro cut-scene above.


  • extremely large map
  • interesting story as to how bill is revived
  • portal 2 adventures
  • good mix of l4d2 models and custom models
  • lots of supplies scattered (see con)
  • star-gate travelling to different dimensions
  • the graffiti on the wall gives information on the current objective and a bit of back-story



  • some players will see the abundance of supplies as a negative thing
  • the intro is extremely long, especially if you seen it over 4 times
  • in the first map, it takes so long before the actual event starts which drove me insane (especially if you had to restart the map more than 3 times)
  • no clear direction where to go in the complex for the 2nd map
  • extremely long loading times between each map – not sure if this is due to server or not
  • unable to hear the voice-acting – it was too quiet
  • unable to understand due to it being in spanish – however the maker said he will be releasing version 2 soon which will give english subtitles (that was 5 months ago)
  • in the 3rd map (Base Gamma), we experienced a glitch in which McGee tragically fell to his death. However, in the entire map there was no rescue closets for him to respawn him. Also in the map, everything looked the same therefore it was hard to navigate and find the path to the saferoom

We didn’t finish this campaign mostly because I want to get a start on the Dungeons of Ivellon mod (which is already posted) for Oblivion which I know will take me a while. Also, Binding of Issac and Rouge Legacy proves to be quite a distraction now that I have somewhat improved in the game. Also, Kaz is addicted to some online game. Overall, the campaign seemed pretty good, little hard in some stages but I loved the portal level. Just needs more graffiti arrows to tell us where to go or something. Since we got lost a lot in the second map trying to figure out where the entrance to the star-gate room was, then Kaz finds it without telling me and dies promptly from a sneaky hunter attack. If we do get around to finishing this campaign, I will update this post accordingly.



3 thoughts on “L4D2 Custom Campaign: Left 4 SGC Beta v1.0 (help everything is in spanish)

  1. Hello!!!
    Thank you very much for your review of my 2012 version of LEFT 4 SGC… After years of work, i’ve published the second beta with lot of changes and english subs for spanish custom dubs.

    If you play the second version, i hope you like it. Is still on BETA because maps 4, 5 and 6 are still unfinished with ther custom dialogs, events and paths.

    Anyway, thank you very much for your review. I love the community feedback about errors and problems to solve them. I’m still work on this after years of work.


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