Rouge Legacy

Rouge Legacy is an indie action-rpg platformer game that I recently picked up on the Steam Summer Sale (oh god, the money I spent on the summer sale…). It is rouge-lite where each time you die, you can pick a descendant of your previous hero, however some of them may have quirky traits that can affect the hero.

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I am absolutely enjoying this game so far. Okay, so I only played it for 96 minutes (or about 1.6 hours) but it is so much fun. Granted that I am no expert of the game but it is a ton of fun. The castle changes its layout for each hero and each enemy you face in the castle varies.

The overall story is that there is treason in the kingdom, the king has been wounded and he has sent his children on a quest to a haunted castle. Inside the haunted castle, you must retrieve the magical waters that can heal any ailment. However, each death will cause you to pay the toll to Charon who will appear at the castle gate. So I recommend buying whatever upgrades for the manor, yes you have a manor that will serve as your skill-tree and whatever you can buy from the merchants before returning to the castle.

There are teleporters throughout the castle to make travelling between areas of the castle easier, you can even find statues of gods and ask them for their divine aid. However, you would want to focus on collecting money while you explore the ever-changing castle to advance your skill-tree and be able to buy more items. You will also find diary entries scattered throughout the castle, describing his quest to find the mystical water and so forth. I haven’t found all the diary entries so I can’t say more on what he says than what I have read so far.

the manor which serves as the base for your heroes and as the skill-tree

The best part is probably the family tree and picking your next hero upon the death of your current hero. They can have perks that aid your hero, or it could hinder your hero. It is finding out what traits and abilities that they will have that amused me the most. My most recent (and short-lived hero) was a barbarian with far-sight, meaning that everything around my hero was blurry while everything else around him was fine. It proved to be quite interesting since I had to kill the enemies before they became too blurry for me to see them properly. Other heroes I had included one who cussed excessively whenever he was hurt, another was gay, the other was color-blind and so forth.

The game is relatively cheap at $15USD. However, you can also get it on its official site where it is currently 20%, therefore it is $12USD at the moment. I will put the link below, where it links to few other places where Rouge Legacy is available to be bought. On steam, there is a steam achievement system as well, it is also compatible with big picture screen mode and is controller friendly for those who prefer to play with a controller. Fun little game, still adjusting to the controls and the game overall, but a ton of fun nevertheless.



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