Return to the Wastelands of D.C [update 28.7.13]

After much deliberation, I finally decided to give Oblivion up for Fallout 3. At first I wasn’t sure whether I regret my decision since I was unsure if I’d get back into Fallout 3 despite it being one of my favorite games of all time.

Needless to say, less than 3 hours later I did not regret the decision. I am enjoying myself again and re-exploring the capital wasteland in D.C. With new mods to download, it probably won’t be long till I start doing Fallout 3 mod reviews again or at least give a current list of mods (which isn’t much at the moment) then giving their proper review. Not sure yet. For now, I am just enjoying playing Fallout 3 again.

Using the street lights mod in combination with Fellout. Good lord, I could hardly see a thing without my pipboy light on.

Not doing much in terms of main quest, so far I defused the Megaton bomb and currently helping Moria with her last chapter in the Wasteland Survival guide, then got side-tracked by Operation: Anchorage dlc. It is the shortest dlc but I love that dlc so much.

Other than that, Dead Island: Riptide is currently on hold till my Riptide buddy is free again which is on 3rd August since I think he wants to record the session for his YouTube channel. Left 4 Dead 2 has been pretty much been neglected, I am sure Kaz would be very demanding in changing that. Still failing in Binding of Issac, I reached Mom for the first time then died just before I could kill her. Stupid spiders. I think I rage uninstalled Civilizations because despite having a superior army, I could not conquer my rival’s cities….I should had invested in more siege units to own the city defenses.

Hope you all had a great summer, now that summer is coming to an end. Also, I’d like to thank you guys for helping this gaming blog to hit over 5000 views. Together, we hit the first official milestone, and now I hope to reach my second milestone of 10,000 views.




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