First Impression: Dead Island Riptide

Sorry for the lack of updates. Been busy lately and Fallout 3 mod reviews will be coming out soon as soon I finish Point Lookout, The Pitt and the main quest line along with Broken Steel. L4D2 custom map/campaign reviews will be on hold due to conflict of schedules between Kaz and I (also, I haven’t played it since 21st July so I am really rusty, as I saw last night).

If there is enough space on my hard-drive, I will see if I can install another game and play it for couple days to give it a review or at least an impression. Enough blabbering and giving excuses, onto the long-delayed game impression for Dead Island: Riptide.

The story for the most part is basically the same (but yes, I am aware there are differences in the game) as the predecessor where the main mission is to survive and escape the zombie infested island. Mostly, the basics of the game is the same from Dead Island. Although, do remember I only played like less than an hour of Dead Island. So I could be wrong.

The only differences is that you have a new environment, a new survivor character who specializes in hand to hand. Improved graphics, more challenges and a whole load more of zombies just waiting to have their skulls bashed in.

I noticed that Riptide is a bit buggy while starting the game up, but it could just be me where I have a 50% chance of crashing during the initial start-up before it crashes, then I have to relaunch the game where it goes smoothly after that. This is starting to sound a lot more like a review than an actual initial impressions.

Moving on, first impression is that it is definitely more geared towards multiplayer co-op. I am not sure if single player is made easier, I know that on single player you could do side missions to help improve the efficiency of your bot team members. The internet co-op features have improved in my opinion where you can see which online players best match on your current progress and other neat features where you can customize the number of player spaces of who can join you.

I am still rather crap in the game like I was in Dead Island but at least I have a friend to help me bash zombie skulls in. I still find the combat a little odd, maybe because I am used to the fast pace and  being able to use guns like in L4D2 and other games. So having stamina and slow swinging weapons is something I have to adjust too. I do enjoy how you are able to craft weapons or find mods to upgrade them. Reminds me of Fallout 3 where you can craft weapons, and New Vegas where you can add mods for your weapons.

Overall, it seems to be a solid game with improved graphics with improved features from the first game. It is still better to play it on co-op. although it isn’t impossible to play it solo. I think it is just better playing with a friend or friends. I am not really sure how adding a new survivor would enhance the game, since he is an expert in hand to hand combat. It would add a new element to the game with having his own advantages and disadvantages to his character, therefore giving a challenge to players. It’d be a challenge in my opinion since hand to hand would imply he is a lot better with his fists rather than with weapons. I could be wrong, since I have not done a whole lot of research on Dead Island like I normally do with game such as Fallout or Elder scrolls to learn the lore of the game and etc (end of thinking capacity :-D).


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