L4D2 Custom Campaign: Plan B (Beta 0.4) [I found a mysterious object!]

Finally, Kaz and I have returned to L4D2. I needed a break from Fallout 3. Just got to wrap up the main quest line in conjunction with Broken Steel, then Fallout 3 mods reviews will start. To celebrate our return to L4D2, I picked the custom campaign Plan B. Kaz wanted a custom campaign. To be honest, I was expecting to have difficulties on playing this campaign on advanced since I hadn’t played L4D2 since 21st July. However, it wasn’t too bad. Done in just 47 minutes with only 2-3 restarts on the 2nd map.


  • great intro cut scene
  • heavy rain in first map actually made you want to seek shelter fast as possible
  • eerie desolate atmosphere in the army depot
  • items were well scattered
  • large enough to promote exploration
  • the room with the scripted explosion was great and unique
  • the decontamination room was a good addition
  • not particularly hard to figure out which direction to go
  • finale was gauntlet type that wasn’t too hard or too easy
  • Kaz gets falcon punched by tank and gets stuck on a light bulb within the elevator shaft


  • mysterious object found in map 2 with no clear idea of what to do with it – might be an easter egg or something intended for future updates
  • finale was little confusing as it said helicopter not army van
  • towards the end of finale, it was not clear of where to go
  • maps could be a bit longer but it was decent length overall

For a campaign that is currently in beta, it is a very solid campaign. Still has some work that needs to be done and I am sure the creator has other things that he/she wants to implement into the campaign. Solid campaign nevertheless.

For those interest in the campaign, you can find it right here


2 thoughts on “L4D2 Custom Campaign: Plan B (Beta 0.4) [I found a mysterious object!]

  1. The yellow object looks like a Geiger counter–it is in the room with the Plan B schematic on the wall. If you pick it up and carry it to the side hallway that you passed getting to the room it is in (go back towards the wooden barricade wall and turn left). When you take the Geiger counter back that hall, the door opens. Inside is a scaffolding and a lower level and then a deep pit. I don’t know what this is. Maybe an inactive nuclear reactor or a chemical process. You can walk around the scaffolding to the control room, but I haven’t found any way to turn anything on. There are pills in there. The problem is that just being in the room saps your health. It is an interesting area and I keep going back to it trying to find its secrets…but I end up dying in there…trying to jump down or setting fire to something. Nothing seems to work and I end up dying there. I am open to ideas. The map author put significant time into that secret area. I hope there is an answer…or that there will be when it is finished.

    • Originally I didn’t think it was a Geiger counter. Didn’t know there was a secret room though. Everytime we tried to explore, we would get swamped by zombies so we just ended up rushing through the area. Hm, if the room keep sapping the health then maybe the room was radioactive, and the counter was meant to warn you of the radioactivity in the room. That would explain the presence of the secret room and the counter as well.

      The author obviously had a plan for that secret area so I guess the only thing we can do now is to wait for future updates. I am going to guess that the author intends to put something to defend the player from the room if they get hurt by being in there. Or maybe we were never meant to go into that area, and the counter was just meant to tell us that.

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