L4D2 Custom Campagin: Escape From Valencia [OMG! 8 TANKS?!]

So today is National Day in Singapore for those who don’t know. Instead of watching the National Day celebrations live on tv, Kaz and I decided to play a custom campaign. He picked the campaign this time. Needless to say, I don’t think I will allow him to pick a custom campaign again. My poor brain and heart. Too much stress.  On another note, I finally finished Fallout 3 and will start on quest mods soon.


  • maps were extremely well detailed especially the mall maps (see con)
  • maps were overall well-balanced
  • supplies were well placed throughout the map (see con)
  • subway tunnel in finale looked ominous – looked fantastic
  • maps were decent length
  • the idea of using tents to reach/enter the next area was unique and great idea
  • survivors had custom skins was a nice touch
  • Kaz goes solo against 8 tanks in an epic last stand and later goes out in a gallant death via run over by a train
intelligent tank is intelligent


  • mall maps were too empty – the emptiness of the mall made the map feel a lot longer than usual
  • the mall interior was confusing as it was unclear where to go – could use more arrows to point the way
  • getting to a finale was quite a long walk
  • the finale was too insane – 8 tanks at a single time? then having to fight two groups of multiple tanks was just too much
  • could use more ammo piles scattered throughout the maps

So obviously this campaign isn’t going to be for everyone. It definitely was too much for Kaz and I, as fighting 8 tanks at the same time was too much for us. The unlimited tank idea was a very good idea.

You can find this campaign with its outrageously difficult finale right here

what can possibly go wrong?
very wrong indeed as 4 tanks give chase after Kaz

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