Fallout 3 Mod: Vault 101 Revisited

This is the very first Fallout 3 quest mod I did. I was actually surprised to find a mod that allowed you to return to Vault 101. I was looking for this mod because I was annoyed that you were forced to leave the only home you knew because of events that were out of your control and a delusional overseer.  Vault 101 Revisited is a quest/adventure mod. There are some quests and side-quests for you to do.

Wait what? No no, no hallucinations! I had enough of that from vault 106

So overall there are about 4 main quests for this mod with 3 unmarked side-quests (they are scavenger quests). The quests are mostly lore friendly. However for this mod to work, you must had completed the quest: Trouble on the Homefront where Amata becomes the new overseer. Basically the good ending for the quest. Then you have to wait for a month in-game time for it to start, as that month represents the time it takes for Vault 101 to reorganize themselves under Amata’s rule.

The mod is very solid with no problems. The first time when I played this mod (which was years ago), I had an issue where I could not see the custom armor that the Enclave soldiers wear. However this play-through had no issues at all, I think it was because I did not use the ArchiveInvalidated mod when I first played the mod.

Things you do for people

The quests are relatively short but gave several hours of enjoyable play-time. I enjoyed the quests, the locations that the quests took you and the challenges it gave you. Such as how there is a quest where fast travelling is disabled and you are given a time limit to succeed a quest. However, there is a cheat basically to finish that quest.

The only issue I mainly had occurred during the escape from the enclave base with Amata. She kept dying which annoyed me cause I had to keep reloading my save to try keep her alive, then when I succeeded in that, Amata and the other companion got stuck in combat and I couldn’t locate what enemy they had spotted . I did workaround this issue as well so it wasn’t that big of a deal. Just annoying.

What a lovely explosion

There is voice acting in the mod, however it is mostly computer generated voices. The voices were little dull because of being computer generated but the dialogue was great, I did like that reference to the A-Team where the new doctor says “I love it when a plan comes together”.  I think my favorite npc was the computer A.I named Blue Queen. Mostly because when the Lone Wanderer makes a story up, she retorts saying where are her vaporizers which made me laugh. The conversations you have with her in Vault 101 is amusing.

I really recommend this mod to those who love quests mods or desire for a way to return to vault 101 like I did, without breaking the game lore and gives it a believable story. As well in-cooperating the re-opened vault 101 into the game seamlessly.


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