Fallout 3 mod: An Evening with Mister Manchester (oh god, there’s more math)

what is with me and stumbling over objects lately?

An Evening with Mister Manchester is the essentially episode 2 in Puce Moose’s mod series, which I had begun when I played the first episode per say in A Note Easily Missed.

Again, it starts in a familiar fashion from the first episode except you stumble on a package, rather than find a note flying in the wind. It bring you to Mister Manchester’s house. You will need to be familiar with the vanilla locations since you will go to at least 3 different locations that are vanilla. Some of the locations in the Wastelands will be edited, such as the area that is near Mister Manchester’s house. Oh man when the walkway suddenly collapsed, I had such a fright cause I wasn’t expecting that. Must be more wary of walkways next time.

oh wow, fancy.

It has the trademark puzzles that you need to solve. There were more math questions this time, something that upset me cause I hate math. At one stage, I got stuck because I did not realize I had missed a vital clue that was necessary to complete the math question. I felt pretty dumb since I had to consult a walk-through for this mod, only to realize it was in a drawer I did not bother to check. Be right back, going to slam my head on the desk repeatedly.

I think the only puzzle I had real trouble with, was the generator room puzzle. I was too stupid to figure that one out. I did manage to figure out at least 2-3 bricks correct color code but I could not figure out the rest. It might be because I had not found all the notes regarding to the generator room. There are 50 custom notes scattered around in this mod. I missed a good portion of them. I think I found at least half of the notes.

oh boy. not entering this house then.

Still not sure what this whole experimental rho thing does. I found it during the first episode but it does not relate to the portable new toy that you can craft, like I originally thought. I shall do research to see what does this mysterious object relate too. [Already figured what the experimental rho does, it has nothing to do with the mod]

I hate this puzzle
More puzzle solving

Overall, it was a mod that was well thought out and designed. The puzzles were really good and the custom new locations were very well-made. Fit into the world of the Wasteland seamlessly. I think the only issue I had was how the mod makes the Lone Wanderer keep a diary on his/her thoughts of Mister Manchester. This is a personal opinion by the way, but it seemed rather childish. The entries in the diary looked childish due to the way the note was written and the drawings. It did not seem necessary for me personally, although it was amusing for a short time. It just did not seem right, and certainly did not fit my Lone Wanderer’s character. So this is more of a personal taste. I just didn’t see the point of the diary and why it had to appear childish.

There were some floating objects in the world, and the rocks near the pond of Manchester’s house did not have collision boxes cause when I walked over it; I fell through it and had bit of trouble getting out of the tight spot I found myself in. There was neat voice acting but the voice was a bit too low sometimes, subtitles were useless since there were none. In the end, it was an enjoyable mod. I did enjoy myself even when I got frustrated trying to figure the puzzle in the generator room and figuring out which was the note that began another quest to get another custom  weapon.

this is creeping me out

Edit: There was an issue that I had encountered in this mod, regarding to the new hunting weapon made by Tiger Manufacturing. When I tried to go to the L.O.B enterprises to find a replacement CAM (?) pin so the weapon could reach its full potential, I kept crashing. I kept crashing in the Falls Church North metro area or inside L.O.B enterprises itself. I cannot figure out why I kept crashing. Such a shame, I really enjoyed the prospect of being able to use that custom weapon in particular.

Still an excellent mod and I look forward to playing the last mod in the series. You can find the mod right here


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