Fallout 3 Mod: To Sleep – Perchance to Dream

This is the last in the series I began couple days ago with A Note Easily Missed by Puce Moose, followed by An Evening with Mister Manchester. This revolves around a professor and his ideas regarding dreams. However, as you follow his notes and eventually into the world of dreams; you realize you may have gotten over your head.

The dream world is not what it seems. What was once a paradise for an aging professor became a nightmare, a nightmare you quickly find that others like you have been sucked into. Now you are on a mission to find a way to escape this nightmare, or be stuck in it forever. The notes hold the answers.

The puzzles that were encountered in this mod were much more challenging compared to the first two. I got stuck several times trying to figure out the solution, either because I did not read the clue properly or was too impatient to get through the mod. Something that was my fault. I should have been more patient and took my time to understand and analyze the puzzle. As they were not impossible to solve.

I want out of this nightmare

As I played through the adventure, I couldn’t help but become sad. As what started out as a great dream, quickly became a great tragedy to a man’s genius and hopes. A pursuit into the dangerous idea of being able to control one’s dream.

The dream world/nightmare world was very well crafted. I did like the idea of using the Pulowski Preservation shelter as a means of transport through the different areas of the dream world; as you successfully solved the puzzle in each of the 3 areas, with exception for the 4th area.

this puzzle frustrated me for a good 5 minutes
oo I like this hunting rifle

As I explored the dream world, I was surprised of how you find other victims who were sucked into the dream world. It seemed that some were sucked into it against their will, while you willingly entered the dream world. Encountering the professor was surprising, I hadn’t figured it at the time that the creature that I thought was going to murder me, was the changed professor. It was saddening of how he/it asks you to kill it to free it from its torment and the hope with its death, some order would be returned to the dream world.

There were some issues that I encountered playing this mod. There were some objects like rocks and trees floating out of the ground, the ground randomly have holes into the void, when in a high place it appeared there was water when there was none. Very odd. Other than that, it was well-built and designed. No crashes or any other issues were encountered. Puzzles were bit more tricky than usual but definitely filled with a tense atmosphere. Still a fantastic mod that served as an excellent conclusion to this mod series.

For those interested in this mind-melting mod, you can find it right here


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