Fallout 3 mod: In the Shadow of the Swamp (Return to Point Lookout)

So after finishing the other 3 mods by Puce Moose, I wasn’t intending to begin another mod series by Moose. Mostly because the first 3, they were rather long as standalone and I wanted to give myself a break. Somehow, I ended up playing this quest instead.

oh, well clearly I am not in the right room
oh, well clearly I am not in the right room

This mod is composed of 3 smaller episodic quests with a clear ending for each of the episodes. It was more enjoyable since the length was shorter for each of the episodes and it was more easier to solve the quests. Well, till the one puzzle in the last episode: In the Shadow of Swampfolk. The puzzle involving buying points in that one facility/shop place. I spent so long trying to figure it out. I got so frustrated. When I finally looked to find a solution, it made me more upset when I saw I had the right idea but it was intentionally made to “not be user/player friendly”.

Other than for that puzzle, I enjoyed myself throughout the mod. It was sad since basically everyone in this mod was dead (with the exception of the Lone Wanderer of course).


I was impressed that this mod was mostly set in Point Lookout. I think it is one of the few mods that actually take place in Point Lookout. Not sure if I liked how you just gain 2 free houses at the end of the mod. Also, some of the lighting was a bit odd. Maybe it is just my laptop but the lighting looks oddly bright and strangely placed. It makes hard to read the words on posters or see certain objects due to the light.

I did like how Moose made variations to the Punga fruit in Point Lookout, as well implementing a way to cook various dishes involving Punga. It was a very interesting idea, an idea I enjoyed very much.  The idea of unique species of scorpions that have symbiotic relation with the fruit was fascinating to me. I enjoyed reading the notes to learn more about the relation. The mod still has the trademark Tiger Manufacture weapons and reference to the weapons company. As well, the trademark scattered notes that you need to find and read to derive the clues hidden in the notes (and/or terminals).

2013-08-17_00009The fact that this mod also included new locations in the D.C wasteland was something new, since it involves you travelling between Point Lookout and the D.C wastelands. I did like how it linked the two locations together and incorporating the objects in both worlds to move the quest along. The mod has a challenge which you can do to get new recipes and I think an upgrade (?). I am not sure since I did not do the challenge.

Not sure if the shady doctor was really “shady” as I thought intentionally. He appeared to be someone who was more interested in creating new culinary dishes more than anything else. Okay, and potentially scam people to a degree but he seemed to have a genuine desire to pursue his culinary ideas. The biologist quest line was interesting, adding a new way to see punga fruit and what not. The last episode was extremely sad and added a new element to the swamp-folk per say. It depressed me when I read the letter held in the safe, and you can only hope that they found safety somewhere in the wastelands.

the place of major frustration and agony

Overall, not many issues other than the lighting issues and the extremely frustrating puzzle. Well, maybe another issue would be that were appeared to be no indication of how you were meant to solve the password in the conference hall. I had to search on the forum regarding the mod to find the hint in how to figure the password out. I did like the look of the Sig Sauer 14mm auto pistol. However, I am not a fan of the pistol in New Vegas. Oh well.

Fantastic mod, enjoyed it despite the weird lighting and aggravating puzzle. For those interested in this mod, you can find the link to the mod right here


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