Fallout 3 mod: A Devils Wish

Okay I am going to admit something now. The only reason why I actually got this mod was because it mentioned that you could use psychic powers. I mean come on, who doesn’t want psychic powers?!

hello there

In the beginning, it was fair enough. Seemed like your typical adventure mod with lots of shooting and searching. Did not expect it to take the turn that it did. Suddenly it went from adventure to a creepy horror mod, to being in that Cube movie. Does anyone remember that movie? People are trapped in a cube and you have to solve puzzles and such to try escape it? Did enjoy the side-quest where you tried to catch the teleporting gnome, to gain the ability to teleport. Once you did, it took you to a new world-space so you can experiment using your new ability. Found that extremely neat. As well, flashbacks to see the events that happened in the hotel that led to Prometheus’ going out of control.

The plot was extremely good. It just pulled me in and caused me to keep going with the mod, despite being so freaked out by the mod when it suddenly changed pace. The way how you gain the new powers (or spells as they are called in this mod) was a fantastic concept that was well in-cooperated into the mod.

these…mannequins weren’t here before
wait what.

The puzzles and platformers were very well made. No problems encountered while solving them. Other than needing to consult the video walk-through cause I got too confused in what I was meant to do. The new enemies that were included in this mod were really good. The phantom assassins especially were amazing. Scary as heck, I became so paranoid in the mod (especially after the giant ghost encounter) that whenever I heard the music theme for the assassins, I had my desert eagle drawn, stood in a corner and shot at anything that moved near me. I even shot a nuka-cola machine cause when the neon lights on the machine suddenly flashed, it startled me causing me to shoot at it on reflex.

I do like the idea of having to use AP to activate your powers. It helps to balance the game. The characters, especially Prometheus was really well portrayed. I did like the twists in the story, especially who the “Devil” really was and the communist scientist who was the reason behind the “Devil’s” anger, then later finding yourself in the same situation as the “Devil” was in, but instead being held by communists; you were taken by the Enclave. Not sure if I liked the voice acting. Sounded too monotone and robotic. However, can’t really complain since voice actors are hard to find for mods. Also, this mod was still very well crafted despite the voice acting.

the saves aren’t safe from the influence of the mod

I did notice that I had a weird glitch for the kamikaze ghouls. They did not render properly, or that what it appeared to me. Since they did not appear to be ghouls, mostly they are missing their heads, so you see this floating brain and eyes. Kinda freaky. Oh, that reminds me. I definitely had a texture problem with Shercome Shu-lay, the Chinese communist. He had bright pink eyes, so I was missing some textures for his eyes for some odd reason.

I was thinking about keeping this mod installed for the powers since you go through so much, to gain powers and defeat “the devil, himself”. However, I think I will probably end up removing the mod. Mostly because I did not like the moral implications; especially the price of having such powers and having Prometheus living inside of you, biding his time to when he can gain control over your body. So I probably will end up uninstalling it for those reasons, as well using the powers are quite taxing on my laptop.

Solid mod. Great mix of puzzle, horror and adventure. The plot was just amazing, the twists in the story were just fantastic. It just sucks you right in, making you want to keep playing to see what would happen. Or how your choices affected the story. The puzzles and combat provided quite a challenge.

isn’t there like a copyright thing…?

Other than the issues that I mentioned earlier on, there is one main issue. It involves the quest-giver Lt.Reynolds. Since he is in prime Super Mutant territory, he was dead the moment I saw him. While the mod maker has provided a way to start the mod, even with the quest giver’s death; I would had rather if he was alive to give the quest. Perhaps if he was made essential would had been more useful. I would had like to been able to rescue Shercome since he is remorseful for his actions, but he decides to stay a prisoner of the Enclave despite having the chance to escape with you. I would had like to been rescue him, giving him some closure.

Just a random idea, if you could had rescued Shercome. A sequel could had been made which involved you and Shercome trying to find a way to control Prometheus who lives in you. To reduce the chances of him breaking free from your control and rampaging throughout the wasteland. It would follow much of how A Devils Wish ran with its elements, but focuses on the conflict that the Lone Wanderer faces and there would be different paths and endings depending on what the player chose. As well, if you had allowed the Enclave commander to live, perhaps Lt. Reynolds and the commander would be trying to hunt you down for revenge of the events in the base and perhaps, try to re-acquire you to re-attempt in controlling you. It is just a thought I had. Not looking to contact the maker and telling that they should make this.

I really think this mod deserves a wider audience, as it deserves more downloads/endorsements. It is such fantastically made mod with a great plot and concepts. It has a great conclusion to the mod as well, which leaves you with a realization that you gained these powers at a price. You can find this amazing, intriguing and sometimes creepy mod right here


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