L4D2 Custom Campaign: Dam it 2! [The return of the Geek]

The Geek manages to join Kaz and I on a L4D2 custom campaign adventure. Multiple restarts, raging and laughter ensue throughout the map. Oh, and a headache as well due to restarting the finale more than 3 times.


  • no issues encountered – free of bugs (see con)
  • supplies were well scattered throughout the campaign
  • 2 ammo piles placed in two different sides of the dam finale – giving players a choice of where they want to camp
  • survivor dialogues were good
  • maps were well made and suited with the theme of the campaign
  • map is rather straight-forward despite the map appearing to be large and allowing some exploring to be done


  • elevator in the second map leading to the safe-room has the glitch, where if a player goes idle they are instantly teleported to the top of the elevator shaft. Geek went idle and was stuck on the roof
  • Geek kills everyone multiple times – like mistaking a molotov for pills
  • special infected (S.I) spamming during the elevator event and finale
  • bot did not seem to pick up any health kits in the finale map
  • could had used more health for the elevator event
  • map 2 seemed to be prone to lag spikes and fps drops however

I haven’t played the predecessor for this campaign. However, it appears to be a very good campaign. There were no bugs encountered other than the elevator glitch and the issues in the second map. It was a challenging campaign particularly in the second and third maps. The finale was pretty hard due to the constant S.I spawning that we had to quickly kill before the tank spawned or got too close to us. The finale was slightly confusing since it appeared we had to go near where the generator, or that is the impression I had. Only to see we had a chopper come in so we had to run back to reach the chopper.

Could use some optimization perhaps in the second map, to reduce the probability of lagging and fps drops that many people seem to experience. Had plenty of fun playing this campaign. You can find the campaign right here


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