Fallout 3 Mod: The Mantis Imperative [Another Puce Moose mod]

Finally playing Fallout 3 again. Glad to have my ac working again, Thailand has been rather warm lately. Skyrim mods will have to wait since I am starting a new game. Still debating whether to go with the Imperial army or Storm-cloaks in that play-through. Decided to get back into the wastelands with a final quest mod from Puce Moose. A mod maker well-known for his/her distinct modding style involving unmarked puzzle quests. The mod: [The] Mantis Imperative is a relatively short quest mod involving a pre-war lab, a mysterious radio signal and something that has awoken within its walls.

I was a little worried that it’d be hard like all the other mods I have played. Surprisingly, it was not that bad at all. I only got stuck in one puzzle where I was unable to figure out the team assignments. The quest itself was very short but I did enjoy the story of the mod. As well finding out the back-story to the labs. The computerized voice was great, little hard to hear at times, thankfully it gave transcripts of what it said. Or at least for the important parts.

The mod has balances modules that makes significant changes to the game; such as making Mothership Zeta more nastier, stimpacks are more rare/expensive and so forth. I only used the Jello.esp and the MantisImperative.esp mostly because they are the main esp files you need. Not sure about the Jello, it seems to add new nukacola flavors and jello. Didn’t find the new npc, I will have to re-read the description for the jello module again.

No errors encountered in the mod. Everything went through smoothly except for a bit of fps drop during the one puzzle. I must say, the puzzles were easier to solve in this mod but very enjoyable. The puzzles were so unique and I really loved the “Soldier is Clever” (well, I think it was that training module) where you had to hack a terminal, to find the pass-code to open the pod, I enjoyed that one particularly.

I did like how there is a choice of your final reward in the lab. Either purging the A.I or transferring it into your pipboy. I liked the idea of transferring the A.I into your pip-boy, especially since the A.I is honest with you in the end, as well expressing remorse for its past actions. Besides, what’s there not to like about a free radio with new music? Very excited about the new radio station. Gonna keep the mod to see how I like the new music that is lore-friendly.

The pictograph idea was very neat, as well giving two different ways to activate the door. One using your weapon and the other using the mantis insignia. I did like how new areas can only be accessible once you completed the training modules successfully. Really liked the system shock 2 reference, scared the hell out of me in the beginning and worried me but it was awesome. Loved it.

Really recommend you to try this mod out if you like a challenge that includes puzzles, combat and references to other games. Or just get this mod if you want a neat radio station with new music (I know there are radio mods out there). 


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