Fallout 3 Mod: The Bradbury Hotel

Downloaded this mod because the description intrigued me. This mod was actually:  “a level design assignment from The Guildhall at SMU” [official mod description]. It was inspired from the movie Blade Runner, especially the character J.F Sebastian, whom inspired the savior of robots in the hotel named: J.F obviously.

The mod is extremely short. Only having 3 short easy quests. One involving finding a robot’s build-date so it can celebrate the day it was built, dealing with the talon mercs who are attacking the hotel and finally, smoothing things with Priscilla; a Protectron model robot who is J.F’s robot girlfriend (and disturbingly looks like  Button Gwinnett, the robot).  No bugs with the quests, and you will finish these mods within 10-15 minutes. Maybe more or less, depending on your play-style.

Not sure if I liked the placement for the transition point between the Capital wasteland to the hotel. It was far too close to Vault 101, as well-looking out-of-place. At least it was easy to find, unlike trying to find where the Mantis Labs were since it’s hard to figure out where new locations are if they are already ‘discovered’ on the pip-boy. If it is a metro, maybe it could be placed elsewhere, or place the hotel in a relatively remote location in the wastelands.

The quests did fit into the lore of the game pretty well, as well explaining the history of the conflict between the mercs and robots; as well how the hotel became a safe refuge for J.F and his friend. I found the quest involving Priscilla and J,F amusing, especially when Priscilla asks you if you thought she was fat. I laughed at that, laughed even harder when you had to find a certain clothing article for her when you suggest it to her, then going to tell J.F that she has a surprise for him. Bit concerning that he’d have a robot girlfriend though, but the wastelands is a harsh place. Gotta enjoy whatever company you can get I guess.

I did enjoy the mod though, despite how short it was. It was a nice break from all the puzzle quests I had done, as well delaying the inevitable potential horror mod that I need to do soon. It was easy and straight-forward. Not too much thinking. The mod is more focused on detail within the exterior and interior cells. Something that I admit, forgotten about and did not look/enjoy since I was so busy doing the quests. Feel like I did an injustice to the mod now, considering it was focused on the detail, and I completely over-looked it as I focused on the quests rather than the detail. I am just going to sit over here now, in my shame.

You can find this mod on right here


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